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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8302365 566584 Will I pass my test today ? Signs point to yes
8302364 566584 Will I pass my test today ? Reply hazy, try again
8302363 9330 will i start getting payments again soon? Very doubtful
8302362 9330 will kenny go to jail for not paying child support? Not in a million years
8302361 9330 did child support find Kenny? Very doubtful
8302360 9330 did child support locate Kenny? Concentrate and ask again
8302359 9330 will i hear from child support today? My reply is no
8302358 9330 will i get good news from child support today? Ask again later
8302357 839840 it drives me insane Count on it
8302356 839840 I hate lowered doses Signs point to yes
8302355 839840 i'm not at an optimal dose. NO!
8302354 839840 I need help I need him to increase the dosage. Reply hazy, try again
8302353 839840 will he force me to wait...till the end of this month? Not in a million years
8302352 839840 but will he listen? Concentrate and ask again
8302351 839840 I need a stronger dose Yes
8302350 839840 men are idiots. Concentrate and ask again
8302349 839840 he's gonna kill me Most likely
8302348 839840 I cant' do 20 more days. NO way Outlook not so good
8302347 839840 I need more. than just...150 Without a doubt
8302346 839840 God in heaven. This is killing me. Very doubtful
8302345 839840 I need help Yes
8302344 839840 he lowered it too much It is certain
8302343 839840 hes a moron Concentrate and ask again
8302342 839840 I am not doing well. I need my dose increased It is certain
8302341 303400 schafft martin das Schuljahr? NO!
8302340 9330 will heather go to the wrestling show tomorrow? My sources say no
8302339 9330 will heather go to the wrestling show tomorrow? Better not tell you now
8302338 793272 Will I be with Olga Concentrate and ask again
8302337 793272 Does Olga want me to be with her Yes
8302336 793272 Did Olga want to make love yesterday Without a doubt
8302335 283869 This linkd to fb guarda NO!
8302334 731572 Is my name Greg? Yes
8302333 731572 Is my name Jason? Very doubtful
8302332 731572 Will Millie regret letting me go? My reply is no
8302331 731572 Is my name Jeff? As I see it, yes
8302330 731572 Will Millie regret not moving in with me? NO!
8302329 757187 Take the dog to work Outlook good
8302328 41932 Will he text me today? Cannot predict now
8302327 1015494 Süper güçlerim var benim değil mi ? Count on it
8302326 1015494 Ben aşık mıyım ? Count on it
8302325 1015494 Yeni bir gezegen bulalım mı ? Count on it
8302324 1015494 Marsa gidelim mi ? Outlook good
8302323 1015494 Amerikaya geleyeim mi ? Signs point to yes
8302322 1015494 why not now ? Concentrate and ask again
8302321 1015494 mj better than lebron Better not tell you now
8302320 1015494 Joe is a crazy?:D Count on it
8302319 1015494 Hey guys hows going?:D Very doubtful
8302318 20216 Omw sad, me gives no bother, need change Yes
8302317 20216 Omw sad, me gives no bother, changed Reply hazy, try again
8302316 20216 Omw sad, me gives no bother Yes - definitely