the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567665 29916 does deijah knowles like josh Without a doubt
5567633 29916 will josh strong marry deijah knowles As I see it, yes
5567499 26780 will i win the loto today Signs point to yes
5566674 12374 Does karla like me? Ask again later
5566660 25012 Am I a luiseach? NO!
5566544 1640 Is K.S.Chithra pregnant? Not in a million years
5566276 23945 je konecna velka pica? Concentrate and ask again
5566238 8935 Vozere se David Cevela jako hovado a bude mu zitra spatne? Yes - definitely
5566020 15864 Will he text me tonight It is certain
5565920 29067 sino ang makakatuluyan ko Count on it
5565393 30705 does B. love me? Most likely
5565278 14165 is julian safe? My reply is no
5565156 7385 is 12915 a robot ? Concentrate and ask again
5565140 29926 will almt call me Better not tell you now
5564564 22243 should i marry tejasvi surya? Without a doubt
5564357 10619 Will don neuss ever call me? Cannot predict now
5562793 17741 could emil mendoza and richelle mae busano will be married? Not in a million years
5562532 13574 Does Jason love me My sources say no
5562228 18846 will i win the uk 49s lotto tonight It is certain
5562149 12434 Is Abner Kahan smarter than Marsha Kevelson? My reply is no
5562148 27902 does he like me Ask again later
5474204 21928 wil li yuan's temple work for me NO!
5474192 8519 will i pass epsp My reply is no
5474158 21410 Is I alway happy? NO!
5474138 643 Will he date me My reply is no
5474114 1329 is alexis palikainen the girl that rylee went to the movies with? Count on it
5288509 5030 Will the becca sullen vampire spell work on sydney nash and make hera real vampire for all aternited tommorow or during the week and make her dreams come true Yes
5288478 34269 Will the Becca sullen vampire spell work on Sydney nash and make her a real vampire in real life tommorow or during the week Reply hazy, try again
5288349 6701 If I take a pregnancy test in 2weeks will it show positive Most likely
5288342 24184 Did JH's kids find my escort in my car? As I see it, yes
5288159 8966 Is melissa gravert cheating on gary gravert My reply is no
5287715 11673 does conner mixson have a crush on hiesly quevedo? My reply is no
5287704 20262 will i get married soon? Most likely
5287701 20262 will matt neas and desiree gutierrez get married? My reply is no
5287546 30991 Will I win power ball today Most likely
5287462 23469 Is Nicholas Damion Paisley and Tina Pagan breakup soon? Concentrate and ask again
5287366 34708 can i let my brother play on the computer Outlook not so good
5287350 26056 Will I win the power ball today Not in a million years
5287206 5030 will the Becca Sullen spell work and make me a real vampire for real Not in a million years
906796 16639 Will I ever own a bentley Most likely
759623 18107 cariba na liniia li e Not in a million years
753581 2665 So Magic 8 Ball, will you marry me? Signs point to yes
746423 9700 magiging kami ba ni khem david f dosol? Signs point to yes
745870 26847 is my future husband a foreigner? Signs point to yes
744539 5401 is the twin peaks theme used in scream 2? As I see it, yes
743683 14182 Am I better than veejay songco? Signs point to yes
742752 12135 does Adam Fyshe love kristen bicknell Outlook not so good
740203 32858 Will i go out with Tyler propfe Yes
740136 15101 does kelly love me My sources say no
737975 16081 Is Kerrie-Lee a dirty stopout slapper? Outlook not so good