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the Magic

Ask the Magic Eight Ball any question you want - a question that can be answered with YES or NO! Believe or not - this magic ball knows all the answers.

ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8346108 857763 Did t tell k d don't want to hear me say make it up Yes - definitely
8346107 857763 Did k tell t she's not going to jail for u Yes - definitely
8346106 857763 Did t tell k why don't she just kill me instead of saying go to work. Signs point to yes
8346105 857763 Did t tell k I done enough damage too her so she said u always lonely and go too work. Yes - definitely
8346104 462398 Omw cried last night me Signs point to yes
8346103 857763 Did t tell k d hideing from me yesterday wtf is going on As I see it, yes
8346102 857763 Did t tell k d didn't want too see me yesterday she's scared As I see it, yes
8346101 857763 Did t tell k d thought I was trying too kill her she's avoiding me NO!
8346100 857763 Did t tell k why. I feel her parents trying too get her to go to heaven Not in a million years
8346098 857763 Did legend just haunt me last night Outlook good
8346097 164791 go to work in the afternoon As I see it, yes
8346096 164791 take today off My sources say no
8346095 786866 Will I look good today Yes
8346094 786866 I need to ppop Yes - definitely
8346093 786866 Do I need to poop Ask again later
8346092 786866 Will a hair doctor change my life My reply is no
8346091 786866 Is tee hair growing Very doubtful
8346090 786866 Is my hair growing My reply is no
8346089 786866 Will the house be gorgeous It is decidedly so
8346088 786866 Are we very close to the finish line My sources say no
8346087 786866 Will I sell my house very fast Outlook good
8346086 210941 Will the Bruins win the game Signs point to yes
8346079 944787 Da li ću položiti drugi kolokvi iz Financiskog Računovodstva u 2019-toj godini ? Most likely
8346077 913220 Will t p r m c a w t? Signs point to yes
8346076 913220 I r a d w a d ? Count on it
8346075 913220 Will I b a b t t m m? Outlook good
8346074 913220 My m r a m p s h s t I a I t d a w b g m c a t e o t f m? Not in a million years
8346073 913220 Will I g a a d n f s s d I? Yes - definitely
8346072 913220 Have m m a m r p t t s s a t I a d? My reply is no
8346071 913220 Have I p t s s a t I a d f r? Not in a million years
8346070 913220 He k f s h I g I a s a t I w h a t l m g a d? Very doubtful
8346069 913220 Is h g t g I v s a a d n? My reply is no
8346068 913220 Does b h m o d t I b p f h t t c r n? Yes
8346067 913220 Will w b b a h o t w w c v v s? Signs point to yes
8346066 913220 Will l h f m f c t m a c m a t m t c m h? My reply is no
8346065 721236 tes agd upn? Yes - definitely
8346064 118815 Will I have children? Without a doubt
8346063 964811 search terms google: pf940c youtube Signs point to yes
8346062 118815 Will I get married? As I see it, yes
8346061 118815 Will I ever get married? Concentrate and ask again
8346060 964811 hot blonde german females NO!
8346059 118815 Will Loyola law school evening program accept me? It is decidedly so
8346058 964811 Lucy, video y6b9eq52 NO!
8346057 635273 Will I Become Emperor Of The Universe My sources say no
8346056 635273 Will I Become Emperor Of The Universe Better not tell you now
8346055 32198 I'm going to surprise you with a grapefruit face mash and several shots to your stomach Yes
8346054 32198 I don't talk to n i g g e r s or mexicans NO!
8346053 32198 you're interrupting my sleeping schedule My reply is no
8346052 32198 I m a s t u r b a t e constantly about my Lucy Without a doubt
8346051 32198 I'm a day sleeper Signs point to yes