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are there people who dont like people?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563398 11863 are there people who dont like people? NO!
5563397 12472 does she realize I am self-assured? Yes - definitely
5563396 34989 Will I marry an attractive female? My sources say no
5563395 26274 Did khiry save my picture lastnight NO!
5563394 12472 Does the teacher whose room I walked out of realize I have strength of character? As I see it, yes
5563393 26274 Did khiry save my picture? Cannot predict now
5563389 34989 Will I marry a hot woman? Not in a million years
5563388 12472 Does this teacher realize I am not so easily controlled? Very doubtful
5563387 11863 do you ever not say yes? Concentrate and ask again
5563386 34989 Am I going to marry a cute girl? Outlook not so good
5563385 11863 do you ever say no? Concentrate and ask again
5563384 12472 Did the techer think I was nice and she was going t o control me? Yes
5563382 11863 omfg this is a joke right? Count on it
5563381 34989 Will I go to the show tonight? Yes
5563380 11863 are you sreious? Signs point to yes
5563379 11863 is the world going to end? It is certain
5563378 34989 Do I have a foot fetish? My reply is no
5563377 12472 Does the teacher whose room i walked out know I know she ws lying about the assistant principal coming in? Yes - definitely
5563376 11863 decemer 21, 2012 My sources say no
5563375 34989 Are my friends going to throw me a surprise party? Concentrate and ask again
5563374 33274 will the rigid diti rack solve the diti fetch problem Yes - definitely
5563373 11863 2012? Cannot predict now
5563372 11863 can we last through the winter? Very doubtful
5563371 11863 If you could you keep it together for a moment in time? Yes
5563370 34989 Will we eat kbbq today? Better not tell you now
5563368 11863 yes or no? Not in a million years
5563367 34989 Are we going to kbbq? Concentrate and ask again
5563366 12472 Does the teacher whose room I walked out of get along with other teachers? As I see it, yes
5563365 11863 omg rude are you mean? It is decidedly so
5563364 34989 Should we eat out today? It is decidedly so
5563363 2179 should i live with amon sutton Most likely
5563362 11863 are you stupid? yes? No, but you are!
5563361 34989 Should I take my roommate out to lunch? My reply is no
5563360 12472 Is the teacher whose room I walked out of going to tell the assistant principal? Reply hazy, try again
5563357 11863 what even? As I see it, yes
5563356 12472 Did the last teacher just want me to sit there till the bell rung at 2:45 even if she did not need me? Without a doubt
5563355 11863 what color is the sea? Concentrate and ask again
5563354 12472 Have other substitutes walked out of her room? Yes - definitely
5563353 12472 Was the last teacher shocked that I walked out of her room? Count on it
5563352 34989 Will I be healthy for auditions? Yes - definitely
5563351 34989 Will I get over my cold before auditions? Concentrate and ask again
5563350 12472 Was the teacher surprised I walked out of her room? Better not tell you now
5563349 23693 Are Eric and I suppose to be together? Outlook not so good
5563348 12472 Was the last teacher controlling? Ask again later
5563346 12472 Was the last teacher a big control freak? Very doubtful
5563345 12472 Was the teacher in hte last room a scorpio? Yes - definitely
5563343 12472 Was the Assistant principal really coming into the last room I worked in today? Outlook not so good
5563342 34989 Is this figuratively? Count on it
5563341 29156 Will I become known? Most likely
5563340 34989 Will it be today? It is certain