the Magic

will i be wealthy

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563431 11521 will i be wealthy My sources say no
5563430 34989 Is my roommate a Communist? Not in a million years
5563429 12472 Am I a light witch? Better not tell you now
5563428 11521 am i headed for financial disaster Count on it
5563427 12472 Is Sandi a witch? Count on it
5563425 12472 am i a witch? It is decidedly so
5563424 12472 Is she a witch? My reply is no
5563423 12472 Is the teacher very intuitive? Yes - definitely
5563422 34989 Do I already know the girl that I'm going to marry in the future, but I jus don't know I'm going to marry her yet? Signs point to yes
5563421 12472 Have other substitutes waked out of this teacher's room early too? Yes - definitely
5563420 11863 im hungry Count on it
5563419 11863 no no no no no Not in a million years
5563418 11863 no no no It is decidedly so
5563417 12472 Is this teacher upset that i quietly defied her? My reply is no
5563415 11863 i mean who wouldnt? Ask again later
5563414 11863 do you hate the questions you recieve? As I see it, yes
5563413 12472 Is this teacher a big liar? Cannot predict now
5563412 12472 Will this teacher report me to the assistant principsal? It is decidedly so
5563409 11863 squash? Not in a million years
5563408 12472 Does she realize I am strong willed? Outlook not so good
5563407 34989 Is she really good in bed? It is certain
5563406 26274 Will khiry become my boyfriend Most likely
5563405 11863 you cant tell me what to do Signs point to yes
5563404 12472 Does she realize I am brave? Not in a million years
5563403 34989 Is she regular? Very doubtful
5563402 11863 thats what i thought My sources say no
5563401 12472 Does she realize I am smart? My reply is no
5563400 34989 Am I going to marry an ugly chick? My reply is no
5563399 11863 yes there are Signs point to yes
5563398 11863 are there people who dont like people? NO!
5563397 12472 does she realize I am self-assured? Yes - definitely
5563396 34989 Will I marry an attractive female? My sources say no
5563395 26274 Did khiry save my picture lastnight NO!
5563394 12472 Does the teacher whose room I walked out of realize I have strength of character? As I see it, yes
5563393 26274 Did khiry save my picture? Cannot predict now
5563389 34989 Will I marry a hot woman? Not in a million years
5563388 12472 Does this teacher realize I am not so easily controlled? Very doubtful
5563387 11863 do you ever not say yes? Concentrate and ask again
5563386 34989 Am I going to marry a cute girl? Outlook not so good
5563385 11863 do you ever say no? Concentrate and ask again
5563384 12472 Did the techer think I was nice and she was going t o control me? Yes
5563382 11863 omfg this is a joke right? Count on it
5563381 34989 Will I go to the show tonight? Yes
5563380 11863 are you sreious? Signs point to yes
5563379 11863 is the world going to end? It is certain
5563378 34989 Do I have a foot fetish? My reply is no
5563377 12472 Does the teacher whose room i walked out know I know she ws lying about the assistant principal coming in? Yes - definitely
5563376 11863 decemer 21, 2012 My sources say no
5563375 34989 Are my friends going to throw me a surprise party? Concentrate and ask again
5563374 33274 will the rigid diti rack solve the diti fetch problem Yes - definitely