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hell how are you

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563472 11863 hell how are you Better not tell you now
5563471 11863 read this Not in a million years
5563470 34989 So I'm good? It is decidedly so
5563469 34989 Is there a problem with that? NO!
5563467 82 Is my son sleep It is certain
5563466 34989 In my point of view? Signs point to yes
5563465 34989 Is that a good thing? Not in a million years
5563464 34989 Are they just more in my eyes? It is decidedly so
5563463 34989 Are they just really awesome? Outlook not so good
5563462 34989 Are they lovers? NO!
5563461 11863 is it rigged? It is decidedly so
5563460 11863 does this work? My sources say no
5563459 11521 will i get a good job Reply hazy, try again
5563458 34989 Is it because they're even more? Count on it
5563457 11521 will i get it together with a good job Reply hazy, try again
5563455 34989 Are my friends really friends? My sources say no
5563454 34989 Am I foolish to think I have friends? Signs point to yes
5563453 11521 will i have huge money problems Outlook not so good
5563452 34989 Do my friends think I'm a fool? Better not tell you now
5563451 29348 Will I get the job I interviewed for today Outlook not so good
5563450 12472 Is Sndi 50% dark and 50 % light witch? Signs point to yes
5563448 12472 Is Snadi 60% dark? Not in a million years
5563447 12472 Is Snadi 80% dark? My sources say no
5563446 12472 Is Ellie 80% dark? As I see it, yes
5563445 12472 Is Ellie 74% dark and 25% light? Very doubtful
5563444 29348 Will I get the job at provide a ride Very doubtful
5563442 12472 Is Ellie 100% dark? Reply hazy, try again
5563441 12472 Is Ellie a dark witch? It is decidedly so
5563439 12472 Is Ellie a witch? It is decidedly so
5563438 11863 is dave strider a real person It is certain
5563437 12472 Is Sandi mostly a dark witch? Cannot predict now
5563436 34989 Are we going to the beach today? My reply is no
5563435 11521 will i be able to turn it around My sources say no
5563433 12472 Is Snadi mostly a dark witch wit h 25% light magic? Concentrate and ask again
5563432 12472 am I mostly a light witch with 25% dark magic? It is decidedly so
5563431 11521 will i be wealthy My sources say no
5563430 34989 Is my roommate a Communist? Not in a million years
5563429 12472 Am I a light witch? Better not tell you now
5563428 11521 am i headed for financial disaster Count on it
5563427 12472 Is Sandi a witch? Count on it
5563425 12472 am i a witch? It is decidedly so
5563424 12472 Is she a witch? My reply is no
5563423 12472 Is the teacher very intuitive? Yes - definitely
5563422 34989 Do I already know the girl that I'm going to marry in the future, but I jus don't know I'm going to marry her yet? Signs point to yes
5563421 12472 Have other substitutes waked out of this teacher's room early too? Yes - definitely
5563420 11863 im hungry Count on it
5563419 11863 no no no no no Not in a million years
5563418 11863 no no no It is decidedly so
5563417 12472 Is this teacher upset that i quietly defied her? My reply is no
5563415 11863 i mean who wouldnt? Ask again later