the Magic

Is Mike missing me?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563531 33348 Is Mike missing me? Cannot predict now
5563529 34989 Them and more? It is certain
5563528 34989 Neither? My reply is no
5563527 34989 So, really just Martin? Very doubtful
5563526 34989 Just Joaquin? My reply is no
5563525 24376 Will I ever hear from him again It is decidedly so
5563524 34989 Just Martin? Cannot predict now
5563523 34989 And Joaquin and Martin? My reply is no
5563522 27737 will i see him before i leave? Cannot predict now
5563521 33348 Will I be rich? Signs point to yes
5563519 24376 Will the email back fire ? Most likely
5563518 34989 Will I ever see Tio Pucho again? Yes
5563517 27737 will i see him before i leave? Reply hazy, try again
5563515 33348 Will I become famous? Signs point to yes
5563514 34989 Am I a home wrecker? Not in a million years
5563513 34989 Are aliens real? Ask again later
5563511 34989 Will I find aa mermaid? NO!
5563510 34989 Will I have a baby boy? Concentrate and ask again
5563509 34989 Will I have a baby girl? Cannot predict now
5563506 34989 Do women want me? It is certain
5563505 33348 Am I good in bed? Outlook not so good
5563503 34989 Anthony? Signs point to yes
5563499 33348 Will I get married? My reply is no
5563497 11863 is it safe Outlook not so good
5563496 11863 no really should i Without a doubt
5563495 11863 should i stop Better not tell you now
5563494 33348 Will I have children? Not in a million years
5563492 11863 congratulations, go home now Concentrate and ask again
5563491 11863 and if I last through the winter I swear to you now, I wont call It is certain
5563490 11863 these nights are already long Not in a million years
5563489 2014 Will Padraig marry Mary Kate? Very doubtful
5563488 7356 Will thectrl alt del article be published? NO!
5563487 2014 Will i still be with brian this time next year? Yes
5563485 11863 this body's already aging Yes
5563484 11863 taking the wrong step falling in front of me Not in a million years
5563483 2014 Will I always have a job? As I see it, yes
5563482 11863 the only one who remembers Count on it
5563481 2014 will me and brian get married? Without a doubt
5563480 34989 Bamboleo? Without a doubt
5563479 11863 the water's starting to freeze My sources say no
5563478 34989 Should I sing come out and play? My reply is no
5563477 11863 can we last through the winter My sources say no
5563476 2014 Will me and Brian get back together? It is certain
5563475 34989 what about come out and play? Reply hazy, try again
5563474 34989 SHould I sing vindicated for my audition? Very doubtful
5563472 11863 hell how are you Better not tell you now
5563471 11863 read this Not in a million years
5563470 34989 So I'm good? It is decidedly so
5563469 34989 Is there a problem with that? NO!
5563467 82 Is my son sleep It is certain