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WIll Sandi vote for Carol Kaye tonight?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563578 12472 WIll Sandi vote for Carol Kaye tonight? Not in a million years
5563577 12472 WIll Sndi vote for JOhn Ramos tonight? Cannot predict now
5563576 35399 will we move to b Most likely
5563575 12472 for Ellie and John Ramos? Ask again later
5563574 12472 Is Snadi going to night to vote for Ellie and Iving? My sources say no
5563573 12472 AM I a little toxic for Sandi? Not in a million years
5563572 12472 Is Snadi a little toxic for me? Signs point to yes
5563571 12472 Is Sandi very toxic for me? Concentrate and ask again
5563570 12382 Did i spend Tuesday with James? My reply is no
5563569 12472 Is Snadi toxic for me? Yes
5563568 12382 is James the one? Without a doubt
5563567 12472 If iwas a guy would Gail fall in love with me? Yes
5563566 12382 does he know i'm the one? Count on it
5563565 12382 does james love me? It is certain
5563564 12472 Is Gail probably going to fall in love with me in the next three months? Outlook not so good
5563563 2282 village? Signs point to yes
5563562 2282 Should Nicole drop out of school? Reply hazy, try again
5563561 89 Will I pass my exam today Without a doubt
5563560 2282 Should Nicole stick with IDVA? NO!
5563559 12472 Is Gail liable to fall in love with me? Count on it
5563558 2282 should I put Nicole on waiting list for another choice? NO!
5563557 33452 tarin ozlemi sikidjemi It is decidedly so
5563556 12472 Do i turn Gail on mentally? It is decidedly so
5563555 2282 should Nicole go back to Village? Outlook not so good
5563554 12472 WIll Gail realize from my last email that i care about her? Yes - definitely
5563553 6852 will mike call again As I see it, yes
5563552 6852 Will Mike call again? Better not tell you now
5563551 27737 Did Jim notice Sarah at mcdonalds Not in a million years
5563550 87 what will I eat? Yes
5563549 7600 should i just leave it blank? Outlook not so good
5563548 7600 Should I just leave it blank? Reply hazy, try again
5563547 7600 Should I sign my name? My reply is no
5563546 7600 Should I send him one? Yes - definitely
5563545 7600 Does he like me? It is decidedly so
5563544 24299 Should I send this text? Most likely
5563543 7600 Does he love me? My reply is no
5563541 7600 Should I send him one? Ask again later
5563540 33348 Am I going to buy sweets now? Ask again later
5563539 7600 Should I send him one? Ask again later
5563536 33348 Will I go travelling in 2014? Yes
5563535 33348 Will I go on travelling next year? My reply is no
5563533 33348 Is Mike missing me? My reply is no
5563531 33348 Is Mike missing me? Cannot predict now
5563529 34989 Them and more? It is certain
5563528 34989 Neither? My reply is no
5563527 34989 So, really just Martin? Very doubtful
5563526 34989 Just Joaquin? My reply is no
5563525 24376 Will I ever hear from him again It is decidedly so
5563524 34989 Just Martin? Cannot predict now
5563523 34989 And Joaquin and Martin? My reply is no