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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563685 1847 lupocet Very doubtful
5563684 13539 dali sam lepa It is certain
5563683 13539 necu imati dece My reply is no
5563682 115 am i pregnant? Outlook not so good
5563681 13539 da li cu imati dece My reply is no
5563680 11250 faron f out abou it 2 It is decidedly so
5563679 13539 da li cu imati dece Cannot predict now
5563678 11250 everyone thinks im t to some actor Signs point to yes
5563676 35327 Can I get a baby My reply is no
5563675 5820 Job next week? Outlook not so good
5563674 11250 no cz h l me b4 even w i was small Yes - definitely
5563673 35327 Can I get a boyfriend NO!
5563672 16993 Will I see Bob Wall before the end of the year Signs point to yes
5563671 11250 f d l m anyjore bc of the skinny factor Most likely
5563670 16993 Will things work out between Keith and I Most likely
5563669 16993 Will I see Bob Wall anytime soon My sources say no
5563668 35327 Is my mom nice Count on it
5563667 16993 Will I heaer from Bob Wall anytime soon Count on it
5563666 5820 Will I get a job offer next week? It is decidedly so
5563665 14336 will i marry Shpresa Gashi? My reply is no
5563664 14336 will i marry Shpresa Gashi? Better not tell you now
5563663 35327 Is Jennifer my friend As I see it, yes
5563662 35327 Turn me into a mermaid Very doubtful
5563661 16184 are your answers accurate? My reply is no
5563660 35327 Tomorrow can you make Jennifer and her mom be my friend and Jennifer's mom be my moms friend too Outlook not so good
5563659 13730 R I'm I isgoing bingo toniteis Elzeen taking me bingo Without a doubt
5563658 16184 will we get an apartment this year? My sources say no
5563657 16184 will i get promoted this year? My reply is no
5563656 13730 R I'm I going bingo tonite Concentrate and ask again
5563655 7600 Will we ever date? Concentrate and ask again
5563654 35327 Can you turn me into a mermaid It is decidedly so
5563653 19573 will i get the hr job at hillcrest? Ask again later
5563652 24317 Will jones get promoted Yes
5563651 19355 Will I hear from rh over the holiday Yes - definitely
5563650 19355 Will rh think about me over the weekend Without a doubt
5563649 19573 will i get the hr job at hillcrest? Concentrate and ask again
5563648 20118 On me and you? Yes
5563647 13730 Is Elzeen taking Michael to bank Most likely
5563646 19355 Will he think about me a lot over the weekend? Not in a million years
5563645 19573 will i get a job soon? Cannot predict now
5563644 20118 Are you sure? Yes
5563643 13730 Is Elzeen taking Michael to bank and walmart NO!
5563642 19355 Did he want to see me this month My reply is no
5563641 20118 Will Anna ever let me go to Readers wedding? My reply is no
5563640 19355 Will I ever hear from him again Very doubtful
5563639 19355 Is rh extremely attracted to me Signs point to yes
5563638 19355 Was rh hurt by my msgs? As I see it, yes
5563637 19355 Does rh still want us to be friends Yes - definitely
5563636 24317 will o. c. get a Yes - definitely
5563635 19355 Did rh think about me a lot today? Without a doubt