the Magic

i drive f crazy

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563745 11250 i drive f crazy Ask again later
5563744 27463 Did I get a stomach problem from eating pork Monday night at Jason's house As I see it, yes
5563743 11250 i drive him crazy Ask again later
5563741 11250 was h l at my page Concentrate and ask again
5563740 27463 Did I get sick from eating wings Sunday night Outlook not so good
5563738 11250 i drive f crazy still Better not tell you now
5563736 27463 Do I have food poisoning Outlook not so good
5563735 27463 Is there something seriously wrong with me Count on it
5563733 27463 Am I going too feel sick all weekend long for real Yes - definitely
5563732 27463 Am I going too feel sick all weekend long for real Concentrate and ask again
5563730 27463 Am I going too feel better tomorrow too have a good weekend My reply is no
5563728 11250 is f still in l w m As I see it, yes
5563727 25180 culver? Count on it
5563726 27463 Is my cramping and bloody stool going away tomorrow Most likely
5563723 928 Did i see roger today My reply is no
5563722 27463 Is my cramping and bloody stool going away tomorrow Better not tell you now
5563721 11250 i amaze him still hs s in l w m Concentrate and ask again
5563720 928 Will i see roger tomorrow NO!
5563719 25180 mrk likes me? NO!
5563718 11250 f knows my g is t My reply is no
5563717 928 Did roger enjoy his time with me today Cannot predict now
5563716 25180 faseb? My reply is no
5563715 25180 sell house? My reply is no
5563714 928 Does roger care about me Concentrate and ask again
5563713 928 Did roger enjoy my company today Ask again later
5563712 928 Was roger wanting more from me today Reply hazy, try again
5563711 11250 everyone knows now Count on it
5563710 11250 he knows n i amaze him Ask again later
5563708 11250 h h aboout t w actor thing My reply is no
5563707 11250 i amaze him As I see it, yes
5563706 11250 hs j b he knows i love him My reply is no
5563705 11250 f l m s m It is decidedly so
5563704 836 Will the world end on 12/21/12? Signs point to yes
5563703 27737 Did Jim notice Sarah at walmart Outlook not so good
5563702 20209 is k steling money from lr It is decidedly so
5563701 32397 Did Joe forget about me Outlook not so good
5563700 32397 Should I forget about Joe Signs point to yes
5563699 32397 Will Joe want me back My reply is no
5563698 32397 Does Joe want me back Not in a million years
5563697 20209 is she stealing money from work NO!
5563696 25945 Will i guest star on Family Guy 4 Times playing a Wife User who sleeps with Lois Griffin ? It is certain
5563695 836 Will the world end on December 21, 2012? Better not tell you now
5563694 863 Is he going to kiss me again? Signs point to yes
5563693 863 Is he boring with me? NO!
5563692 863 Is he angry with me? It is certain
5563691 1847 drink now It is decidedly so
5563690 17107 The word was tan? Reply hazy, try again
5563688 17107 Do I ran like Giorgio Armani in that one picture? It is decidedly so
5563687 17107 Will I from now on tan like Giorgio Armani in that picture? Very doubtful
5563686 1847 vit c Ask again later