the Magic

shes l so j of m

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563833 11250 shes l so j of m Without a doubt
5563832 11250 ds h t im a g Reply hazy, try again
5563831 11250 h w h m m b in his t cz h w h mm Very doubtful
5563830 11250 hs s in l w m My reply is no
5563829 8432 will i be unmarried Cannot predict now
5563827 8432 will i be unmarried when i move My sources say no
5563826 11250 hs l w a b l t t s i w m h in a hb Ask again later
5563825 8432 will i ge married when i move Yes - definitely
5563824 8432 will i move to hawaii Very doubtful
5563823 11250 hs s h h w h mm in a hb b in his t Concentrate and ask again
5563822 8432 will i move to another state Yes
5563821 8432 will i have a motor home Ask again later
5563820 9293 is marvin with the girl Most likely
5563817 9293 is the girl upset with marvin Not in a million years
5563816 11250 i s h 2 heven My sources say no
5563815 9293 is marvin upset with the girl Not in a million years
5563814 11250 hs l a p is m w i w t Count on it
5563813 9293 is marvin going to call me today It is certain
5563812 31512 Will I get tarzan? Most likely
5563811 8432 will i live another 30 years Yes - definitely
5563810 9293 is marvin trying call me Concentrate and ask again
5563808 8432 Is there a god Better not tell you now
5563807 1909 is my siter lie Yes
5563806 8432 is there a GOD Concentrate and ask again
5563805 1909 am i being lie to My sources say no
5563804 11250 h s l me Count on it
5563803 11250 hs l s l Signs point to yes
5563802 8432 will i have another lover Signs point to yes
5563801 11250 hs l s l Reply hazy, try again
5563799 8432 will my granddaughter be safe in life Very doubtful
5563798 11250 pms l t u r Ask again later
5563795 8432 will i be wealthy with cash Yes - definitely
5563794 8432 will i become an alcholic Reply hazy, try again
5563793 22790 Will i make smsgt the first time? As I see it, yes
5563792 22790 Will i get promoted to senior master sergeant? As I see it, yes
5563791 8432 will i have a mistress My reply is no
5563790 8432 will i get unmarried Ask again later
5563789 8432 willi i be wealthy Count on it
5563788 25945 Will many women from y/a be my bff ? NO!
5563787 8432 will i be healthy Without a doubt
5563786 8432 will i be saved by jesus Signs point to yes
5563785 14336 will i be married to Shpresa Gashi? Count on it
5563784 28785 am i pregnant with twins? Without a doubt
5563783 28785 am i having twins? It is decidedly so
5563781 14336 will i be engaged to shpresa Gashi? My sources say no
5563780 28830 Is my wife an idiot My sources say no
5563779 22583 Should I work today My reply is no
5563778 27463 If I drink water all weekend help keep my stomach from cramping Without a doubt
5563777 27463 If I drink water all weekend help keep my stomach from cramping Concentrate and ask again
5563775 27463 If I keep drinking water help me get rid of what is wrong with my stomach for real Better not tell you now