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Blue day I had

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563889 15163 Blue day I had Outlook not so good
5563888 11202 Does Kabine want to be my boyfriend still? Yes - definitely
5563887 21035 are you sweet Most likely
5563886 11202 Does Kabine want to get back together with me? Outlook not so good
5563885 21035 is sugar sweet Ask again later
5563884 21035 are violets blue Signs point to yes
5563883 21035 are roses red Without a doubt
5563881 21035 are you reliable Ask again later
5563880 21035 can i trust you Not in a million years
5563879 29602 Will Amy and Michael find out there having a boy tomorrow? Ask again later
5563878 24198 Will she come back soon It is decidedly so
5563877 21035 yes or no Yes - definitely
5563876 29602 Will Amy and Michael find out there having a boy tomorrow? Concentrate and ask again
5563875 21035 do you know who i am My sources say no
5563874 4936 Will i get good news about the car today? Reply hazy, try again
5563873 21035 are you ever right? It is decidedly so
5563872 4936 Will i get good news on the car today? Reply hazy, try again
5563871 28830 Am I too intelligent to watch Grey's Anatomy? Count on it
5563870 11250 h h a c on m Signs point to yes
5563869 30666 are you sure Most likely
5563868 16791 Will he make a move soon? It is decidedly so
5563867 30666 ı go to shool Without a doubt
5563866 16791 Does he still like me? Yes - definitely
5563865 16791 did it bother him that i did not greet him? Without a doubt
5563864 11250 hs s i i s It is decidedly so
5563863 34889 girl who likes diapers It is decidedly so
5563862 11250 t w hs t h f My reply is no
5563861 11250 hs l b of a g s has My reply is no
5563860 29906 mkakabawi pa ba? Yes - definitely
5563858 1118 is he gonna call me on his way home? Cannot predict now
5563857 1118 am i really happy? My reply is no
5563856 30205 Will I require more back surgery My reply is no
5563855 19157 will i retire comfortably Very doubtful
5563854 30205 Will my back get fixed Yes - definitely
5563853 1118 is he gonna be happy for a long time? My sources say no
5563852 20641 will mindys and mine relationship last? It is decidedly so
5563851 19157 will i ever win a large prize from the florida lottery My sources say no
5563850 1118 is kevin really happy ? Without a doubt
5563849 19157 will i win a swagstakes Not in a million years
5563848 893 Is he planning to ask me out Not in a million years
5563847 11202 Did Kabine ever cheat on me? Signs point to yes
5563846 893 Is he trying to get the nerve up to ask me out again My sources say no
5563845 11202 Did Kabine ever cheat on me? Reply hazy, try again
5563844 30205 Will I have to have another microdiscectomy Cannot predict now
5563843 11202 Is Kabine messing with other women? Yes
5563842 3574 Should I cancel trip Yes
5563841 11250 hs s im 1 of t m b g h e s It is decidedly so
5563840 11202 Does Kabine still love me? Count on it
5563839 3574 Will we have fun Signs point to yes
5563838 3574 Should we go Cannot predict now