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will i b ok if i just go to my apt instead of work

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5563943 30639 will i b ok if i just go to my apt instead of work My reply is no
5563942 30639 will it all blow up in my face sumtime this week It is certain
5563941 24882 Will I get mail from M. today? Yes
5563940 29662 am i wearing socks right now Yes - definitely
5563939 30639 will pop find out Yes - definitely
5563938 30639 will i find another job if i quit today As I see it, yes
5563937 13195 Fraid so Yes
5563936 30639 will i b ok if i go today My reply is no
5563935 13195 I've cancelled christmas My reply is no
5563934 30639 will i b ok if i go today Ask again later
5563933 30639 will i be ok if i decide not to go today My reply is no
5563932 13195 Try it Outlook not so good
5563931 13195 You washed yours NO!
5563930 13195 Washed my hair Ask again later
5563929 13195 Not a doughnut My sources say no
5563928 32414 who am i going to marry Yes - definitely
5563927 13195 Rhubarb Signs point to yes
5563926 13195 Going to be an apple crumble now Better not tell you now
5563925 2790 Is m going to dump her boyfriend for good during winter break? My reply is no
5563924 2790 Is m going to break up with her boyfriend for good during winter break? Concentrate and ask again
5563923 13195 If you've got a Bentley for sure Yes - definitely
5563922 13195 Cream please Signs point to yes
5563921 22344 Who cares who wins or loses as long as you can look in the mirror and not feel bad My reply is no
5563920 18593 she likes me? Ask again later
5563919 28539 Do I care about Chedozie? Concentrate and ask again
5563918 28539 do I care about Chedo? Ask again later
5563917 17835 Does billy have feelings for me? Signs point to yes
5563916 28539 do i care about 7th period? Cannot predict now
5563915 22344 Stolen any knickers today Cannot predict now
5563914 12472 Is Sndi a big loser and Elli an even bigger one? Cannot predict now
5563913 18593 she likes me? Better not tell you now
5563912 12472 Is Sandi dishonest? Signs point to yes
5563911 12472 Is Elli dishonest? Yes - definitely
5563910 13195 After the stripers have been out Reply hazy, try again
5563909 12472 Will Elli come in last tonight in votes? Without a doubt
5563908 12472 WIll Elli come in second tonight? Not in a million years
5563907 13195 You're not Ask again later
5563906 12472 WIll Mark A Siegel get more votes than Elli tonight? Better not tell you now
5563905 18593 is she thinking of me now? Most likely
5563904 13195 Feeling worn out My reply is no
5563903 12472 WIll Elli get more votes than Marc kAllan Siegel? Ask again later
5563902 13195 I'm a blackberry fruit Yes
5563901 12472 WIll Snadi and Elli be the only ones voting for Elli tonight? Outlook not so good
5563900 12472 Is Sandi voting tonight? Signs point to yes
5563899 13195 You sure NO!
5563898 12472 Is Snadi going to vote tonight? Concentrate and ask again
5563897 13195 Am I a blackberry Very doubtful
5563896 12472 Is Carol Kaye going to get elected tonight? Most likely
5563895 12472 Is Mike Coleman going to get elected tonight? Most likely
5563894 31863 does terry barton love regina shaw? As I see it, yes