the Magic

They don't then

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564029 13195 They don't then Concentrate and ask again
5564028 12472 Did SUzanne look at me adoringly when I was singing Kariokee at temple? Better not tell you now
5564027 23473 Will gabby get jealous of me and John Yes
5564026 35213 Will I finish it till tomorrow? It is decidedly so
5564025 13195 Do you nipples go hard in the cold Cannot predict now
5564024 12472 Did Sandi know that Suzane is in love with me? Most likely
5564023 12472 DId Sandi know that Suzanee isn't straight? Without a doubt
5564021 13195 There you go Ask again later
5564019 28399 Does terry love me As I see it, yes
5564018 12472 DOes Suzanne love me as more than just a friend? My reply is no
5564017 13195 Mark never paid a penny though he wanted the dog and last year put him in his name last year Cannot predict now
5564016 28399 Does terry care about me Yes
5564015 12472 Is Suzanne in love with me? Yes
5564014 12472 Is Suzanne attracted to me romantically? Better not tell you now
5564013 13730 William her anything from them Not in a million years
5564012 28399 Will terry ask me to his sisters wedding It is certain
5564010 12472 Does Lynn have a crush on me? Outlook not so good
5564009 12472 Is Laney good for me? Without a doubt
5564007 12472 Is Sandi good for me? Outlook not so good
5564006 24825 15.50p per day plus vat Very doubtful
5564005 12472 Is Mark good for me? NO!
5564004 12472 WIll Mark answer me on FB? Yes - definitely
5564003 4703 Charlotte Love Me Better not tell you now
5564002 13195 Didn't go out today had enough of carrying my stuff around as I spend a lot of money on flynns kennels NO!
5564001 13730 Did I really win chase Very doubtful
5564000 28399 Will terry and I get back together My sources say no
5563998 4703 is Charlotte True Concentrate and ask again
5563997 28399 Does terry still have feelings for me Not in a million years
5563996 4703 Will Charlotte Marry Me Not in a million years
5563995 28399 Will terry call me tonight Most likely
5563994 31073 I am so in love with Tess Cannot predict now
5563993 12472 Will Robin go to the party on Sunday if itell her about it? Yes - definitely
5563992 7849 should i stay home NO!
5563991 12472 Would Gail like Laney? Count on it
5563990 13195 I already have Yes
5563989 7849 will i win at bingo My reply is no
5563988 12472 Will Joan go with me Sunday? Most likely
5563987 31073 Are Tess and I deeply passionately In LOVE? Yes
5563986 7849 should i go to bingo My sources say no
5563985 4703 Will Charlotte Marry me Better not tell you now
5563984 12472 WIll I get along with Mara on Sunday? As I see it, yes
5563983 21487 Am I that person he likes ? My reply is no
5563982 31073 Will Tess Marry me? As I see it, yes
5563981 12472 Is Mara a black magic witch? My reply is no
5563980 21487 does he like me? Cannot predict now
5563979 31073 Will Tess and I be nmarried Soon? Better not tell you now
5563978 21487 does he like me ? Reply hazy, try again
5563977 29662 does any cute boy have a crush on me It is certain
5563976 12472 Is Mara a witch? It is decidedly so
5563975 13195 Job to please me Cannot predict now