the Magic

Like my new boots

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564095 22344 Like my new boots Better not tell you now
5564094 26163 David loves me. Signs point to yes
5564093 22344 Peanuts It is certain
5564092 22344 I've put one in the post Not in a million years
5564091 22344 Uare lilac BMW man My reply is no
5564090 22344 U can't be any good at bedtime I don't remember sleeping with you Ask again later
5564089 22344 I'm not pregnant I just feel the cold Yes
5564088 928 Does roger really love me As I see it, yes
5564087 5235 am i pregnant Yes
5564086 22344 Can't say I remember the honeymoon Signs point to yes
5564085 11250 h j w 2 t m i a s n l m Yes
5564084 13195 U my husband It is decidedly so
5564083 12579 Save it for the strippers do you Concentrate and ask again
5564082 11250 bc h k i d m a b w i sd Most likely
5564081 11250 h f b Without a doubt
5564080 12579 Why didn't you speak Very doubtful
5564079 11250 h t im v t and s It is decidedly so
5564078 12472 Is Laney upset with me? Most likely
5564077 12472 Is Laney goin back to texas at the end of December? Signs point to yes
5564076 11250 h t im t n s Very doubtful
5564075 12579 Did you ring me when I was in sainsburys Signs point to yes
5564074 12472 WIll i see Laney before she goes back to texas? NO!
5564073 11250 he k im n s Most likely
5564072 11250 h d t im s Outlook not so good
5564071 11250 he thinks im m 2 My reply is no
5564070 12472 Is my neighbor Judy bi? Yes
5564069 14256 Should I smoke marijuana tonight? Without a doubt
5564067 12472 Does Gail like me a lot? Ask again later
5564066 12472 Is Mark afraid of hurting me? Not in a million years
5564065 12472 does Mark love me? Signs point to yes
5564064 12472 Does Suzanne love me? Concentrate and ask again
5564063 12472 does suzanne love me? Ask again later
5564062 12472 Does Lynn love me? Most likely
5564061 23080 My favourite song Without a doubt
5564060 12472 Does Sandi B love me? NO!
5564059 12472 Does Snadi love me? Very doubtful
5564057 23080 Sing iris by the goo goo dolls Concentrate and ask again
5564056 12472 Is Sandi a little in love with me? Outlook not so good
5564055 12472 would sndi be okay with putting two figners inside me? It is decidedly so
5564054 13195 Will they beat man u As I see it, yes
5564053 12472 would snadi try t o put her whole fist inside me? NO!
5564052 13195 Do you love man city Most likely
5564051 12472 Would Snadi try t oput four fingers inisde me? As I see it, yes
5564050 12472 Is Sandi too rough in bed for me? Signs point to yes
5564049 13195 Eat fruit Reply hazy, try again
5564045 8504 should I Without a doubt
5564044 13195 Do you Reply hazy, try again
5564042 8504 can I Yes
5564040 27737 Is Tiffany going back to Nevada Cannot predict now
5564035 20407 will i get married? Cannot predict now