the Magic

U sure

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564174 11508 U sure Yes - definitely
5564173 11508 Has he seen naked somewhere her My reply is no
5564172 11487 will I have good luck soon? My reply is no
5564168 11487 Will i have bad luck tomorrow? It is certain
5564167 13195 Does m want to shag m It is decidedly so
5564166 26690 Did i get above 220 on the psat? Yes
5564165 33061 Are me and nancy getting back together Better not tell you now
5564164 11487 Is my luck bad today? It is certain
5564163 11508 U on the yesterday bus Concentrate and ask again
5564162 33061 Are me and nancy getting back together Reply hazy, try again
5564161 24825 Have I been poisoned Reply hazy, try again
5564160 3803 should i kiss him? It is decidedly so
5564159 3803 should i kiss him? Cannot predict now
5564158 3630 Is Artieinterferring? My sources say no
5564157 3803 will i be happy if i just stay here? Yes - definitely
5564156 22344 Srry f they Concentrate and ask again
5564155 3803 Am i seriosly Ill? Signs point to yes
5564154 3803 Am I sick? Count on it
5564153 3630 Will I have enough money to move to Kensbrook? Without a doubt
5564152 12579 U younger than me Very doubtful
5564151 3803 Will I marry Hiroyuki sato? Without a doubt
5564150 12579 Have we spoken Count on it
5564149 3630 Will I have enough money to move to Kennnsssbrook My sources say no
5564148 13195 U been ringing mark Cannot predict now
5564147 3803 Should I go back to Japan? Yes - definitely
5564146 31389 will he contact me Better not tell you now
5564145 3803 Does kazuki ever think of me? Yes
5564144 12715 Am i a girl? My reply is no
5564143 3803 Did kazuki like me? As I see it, yes
5564142 22344 You be lost a question Very doubtful
5564138 3803 Did hana-kun like me? Very doubtful
5564137 3630 Will I close with PP? It is certain
5564136 3803 Is Hana-kun mad at me? As I see it, yes
5564135 3803 Did Brody like me at all? Count on it
5564134 3803 will i ever meet hiroyuki sato? Cannot predict now
5564133 12579 Where's my rings It is decidedly so
5564132 35213 Will she let me come on Sunday? It is certain
5564131 3803 if Hiroyuki sato met me whould he have liked me? Count on it
5564130 12579 Were we married this year Yes
5564129 12579 U lying Not in a million years
5564128 12579 U am m as well It is decidedly so
5564127 13195 Paco rabanne As I see it, yes
5564126 2014 will me and brian sort things? Most likely
5564125 2014 will things get better next year? My sources say no
5564123 13195 Police Reply hazy, try again
5564122 2014 will i settle into my work better after Christmas? My reply is no
5564121 13195 Jean Paul gaultier Better not tell you now
5564120 2014 will things get better in my job? NO!
5564119 2014 will the job get better? Concentrate and ask again
5564118 13195 Let me guess Very doubtful