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is the world ending in 2012

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564268 34841 is the world ending in 2012 My reply is no
5564267 12472 Will Ibe in lvoe wit h Gail in 6 months? My reply is no
5564266 17074 Will s and I ever go out again NO!
5564265 22344 Can U see me Count on it
5564264 12472 Will I fall in lvoe wit hGail? Most likely
5564263 17074 Will he say he'd like to see me again My sources say no
5564262 34841 who am i goigng to marry Yes - definitely
5564261 22344 I've got washed hair Yes
5564260 17074 Will he reply tmrw saying when can we meet Reply hazy, try again
5564259 13604 should i go and visit Richard in cooks beach? Without a doubt
5564258 17074 Will I forget all about him once I meet l My reply is no
5564257 17074 Does he look at my photos a lot Count on it
5564256 23876 Does Eric love me? It is certain
5564255 17074 Does he want to see me again It is certain
5564254 3435 Are you sure Very doubtful
5564253 17074 Will we go out again Outlook not so good
5564252 17074 Does he still like me Signs point to yes
5564251 34260 Does he read my old messages Without a doubt
5564250 3435 Should i text j tonight Count on it
5564249 17074 Does he get excited when he thinks of me Not in a million years
5564248 17074 Did he just not feel sparks with me My reply is no
5564246 34260 Does he reread my texts Better not tell you now
5564245 29062 Was it the way I pushed my hair? Signs point to yes
5564244 17074 Is he just emotionally unavailable right now My reply is no
5564243 22344 Jyouvdy Cannot predict now
5564242 17074 Will he ask me out again Very doubtful
5564241 34260 Is he thinking of me right now It is decidedly so
5564240 17074 Will s respond NO!
5564239 34260 Does he listen to my songs NO!
5564238 34260 Is a thinking of me now Concentrate and ask again
5564237 22344 U are not romantic are you Not in a million years
5564236 22344 Bus stop Not in a million years
5564235 34260 Did a dream of me last night Cannot predict now
5564234 27219 Am I pregnant My reply is no
5564233 22344 Love in the shop Ask again later
5564232 22344 Love in the hospital My reply is no
5564231 25945 Will I sleep with Bambi Woods ? Not in a million years
5564230 34260 Did a think of me today Very doubtful
5564229 22344 Love at first sight My reply is no
5564228 22344 and you fell in love with me Outlook not so good
5564227 29335 Will I win big at bingo tonight? As I see it, yes
5564226 22344 You 22 Without a doubt
5564225 34260 Is my unborn child a girl Yes
5564223 22344 Like atree Outlook not so good
5564221 22344 Older My reply is no
5564220 32397 Does Joe want to see me Very doubtful
5564219 32397 Does Joe want to see me Better not tell you now
5564218 20626 should i quit It is certain
5564217 32397 Is Joe staying away from me because he doesn't want to see me Yes - definitely
5564216 20626 will i success My sources say no