the Magic

Is Tim,thinking about me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564340 32285 Is Tim,thinking about me NO!
5564338 32285 Will Tim,call me tomorrow? It is certain
5564336 27218 will she say yes My reply is no
5564335 27218 should i ask ashley out Count on it
5564333 19403 should i get coffee Not in a million years
5564331 19403 should i get some work done My reply is no
5564330 13198 Do I really need special education? NO!
5564329 19403 should i go see My sources say no
5564328 19403 has he been for coffee yet Outlook not so good
5564326 19403 has mike been for coffee yet Outlook not so good
5564325 4695 Who will I marry? My reply is no
5564324 4695 Am I gorgeous? It is certain
5564323 4695 Does my ex miss me? It is decidedly so
5564322 19403 Will we easily get $470K for it Cannot predict now
5564321 4695 Is David real? Reply hazy, try again
5564320 19403 will we sell for $470K Yes - definitely
5564319 4695 Will I be rich? Yes - definitely
5564318 19403 should we put it up now Without a doubt
5564317 1676 did he email me back yesterday? My reply is no
5564316 19403 will our house sell quickly and easily My reply is no
5564315 4695 Who am I going to marry? Reply hazy, try again
5564314 19403 Will we get $450K for our place As I see it, yes
5564313 19403 will we get $455K for our place Very doubtful
5564312 19403 will we sell our house for a good price Not in a million years
5564311 19403 will we get 28 carwoola at a better price As I see it, yes
5564310 19403 will we sell our place in time to get 28 carwoola Yes
5564309 19403 will 28 carwoola suit us until we can move into 36 carwoola Yes
5564308 3390 Am I pregnant? Yes - definitely
5564307 19403 will we be happy at 28 carwoola until we can move into 36 carwoola Reply hazy, try again
5564306 27737 does anjee senecal love ron scott with all her heart Ask again later
5564305 19403 will an investment come up in 36 carwoola that we will buy It is certain
5564304 13198 Will the "Youtube" videos ever get their sound back? It is decidedly so
5564303 19403 will something come up in 36 carwoola st Yes - definitely
5564302 3469 Does jonathan miss me? My reply is no
5564301 27737 will anjee senecal be home before ron scotts birthday Without a doubt
5564300 3469 Does donnell love teiah? Count on it
5564299 13198 Will "Youtube" get its sound back when I put a video on? My reply is no
5564298 3469 Is donnell using teiah? Not in a million years
5564297 27737 is anjee senecal coming home to ron scott on january first My reply is no
5564296 3469 Is donnell going to marry teiah? Yes
5564295 10850 Will our family ever be happy again As I see it, yes
5564294 13928 Will jonathan contact me again? Signs point to yes
5564293 27737 is anjee senecal in love with ron scott It is certain
5564292 29954 is playing magic eight ball insane It is decidedly so
5564291 27737 is anjee senecal seeing anyone except ron scott NO!
5564290 29954 will i live to be 100 Yes
5564289 29954 have i met the man of my dreams already Not in a million years
5564288 19403 is it worth the investment My sources say no
5564287 29954 should i tonight Without a doubt
5564286 19403 will we be able to get it as an investment It is certain