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will i ever get married?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564486 5672 will i ever get married? NO!
5564485 22198 ok, h w n a t m i k Very doubtful
5564484 22198 let's j, e h i l w m Cannot predict now
5564483 17514 is claudia awesome? Cannot predict now
5564482 22198 well y d k Without a doubt
5564481 22198 how do you k NO!
5564480 22198 will I pass s Very doubtful
5564479 17514 is peter awesome? It is certain
5564478 19522 will here from him Not in a million years
5564477 28667 Does horacio feel bad about telling me his love secret? Ask again later
5564476 19522 do they live in baltimore Yes - definitely
5564475 16373 Will Tiger grace me with his presence this weekend? Ask again later
5564474 28667 Will I find a great career soon? Better not tell you now
5564472 28667 Will I have a great 2013 career? Concentrate and ask again
5564471 16373 Will I see Tiger this weekend? Outlook not so good
5564470 17514 can i touch claudia's boobs? Count on it
5564469 19522 do he mess with other women Count on it
5564468 28667 Why does my heart hurt so bad over H. Without a doubt
5564467 28667 Does William really love and want me? Reply hazy, try again
5564466 19403 get some food Better not tell you now
5564465 19522 do andre love me NO!
5564463 28667 Will horacio want me in his life again? It is decidedly so
5564462 28667 Will horacio want me back? My reply is no
5564461 6231 should i go to my mom's this weekend? Most likely
5564460 19522 do andre talk to other females in baltimore Not in a million years
5564459 28667 Does the other woman like horacio? NO!
5564458 6231 should i stay at home this weekend? Yes - definitely
5564456 27737 does anjee senecal love ron scott Most likely
5564455 19522 will me andre get marry one day Outlook not so good
5564454 20626 is usa a good country Ask again later
5564452 27737 is anjee senecal dating anyone in vermont Very doubtful
5564451 20626 will i get profit Without a doubt
5564450 19522 do recive ssi Cannot predict now
5564448 20626 will i get married NO!
5564447 19522 did he told his mother about me Outlook not so good
5564445 27737 will it be 8 oclock ron get this message My sources say no
5564444 19522 is his mother better My reply is no
5564443 27614 Will I get the job in dundee? Yes - definitely
5564442 20808 will Jessie and Rob break up? It is certain
5564439 20808 am i pretty Concentrate and ask again
5564438 27737 will it be 8 oclock Yes
5564437 19522 did his mother stay in the hospitol Without a doubt
5564436 12472 WIll Robin be able to ride down to Gail's house with Dawn on Sunday? Not in a million years
5564435 20808 do i like are Yes - definitely
5564434 27737 will ron scott get a message from anjee senecal tonight on facebook As I see it, yes
5564433 18130 I will get my intro & m&m done today It is decidedly so
5564432 20808 Do i like de? Yes
5564431 19522 do he work Without a doubt
5564430 20808 Do i like rae? Better not tell you now
5564428 12472 Will Robin be able to go with me on Sunday to Gail's house? Reply hazy, try again