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Is ashley in love with me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564551 32021 Is ashley in love with me NO!
5564549 25799 w h s w m It is certain
5564548 25799 d h l m Not in a million years
5564546 32021 Does ashley love me Reply hazy, try again
5564545 2311 will i become a millionaire before i'm 55 Cannot predict now
5564544 30991 Does kim love me My reply is no
5564542 30854 will i join fox Count on it
5564541 19403 will we be happy at 28 carwoola Ask again later
5564540 19403 will n be happy in a townhouse It is certain
5564539 19403 is 4065 a good place to move Not in a million years
5564538 26990 will my scars go away Outlook not so good
5564537 16916 Was my card given to me as a sign that I will win the lottery this friday and saturday? Cannot predict now
5564536 26990 will Gavin ever like me agian Cannot predict now
5564535 30854 will i join ascent capital As I see it, yes
5564534 16916 Was my lost card returned as a sign of fortune to come? My reply is no
5564533 23876 Will it snow a lot Saturday? It is decidedly so
5564532 30854 will i join wadia ghandy As I see it, yes
5564531 30854 will i join almt As I see it, yes
5564530 30854 will i join jsa Not in a million years
5564529 30854 will i marry vj Outlook not so good
5564528 30854 will i get the best food deal Not in a million years
5564527 30854 will i move to mumbai As I see it, yes
5564526 6692 will i pass my reading test with a 75?or better Not in a million years
5564525 16916 Will I win more than 5 million dollars? Cannot predict now
5564524 16916 Will I win more than 1 Million Dollars? It is certain
5564522 16916 Will I win the lottery on Saturday too? Without a doubt
5564520 4827 will Jen get married It is decidedly so
5564519 27453 did i pass my spanish test Ask again later
5564516 6277 Will I win big at bingo tonight? Signs point to yes
5564515 16916 Am I going to get the job tomorrow at the flower shop? Count on it
5564514 27453 brokencyde is awesome Concentrate and ask again
5564513 27453 why is the new spongebob episode so disturbing Ask again later
5564512 16916 Am I going to win the lottery this friday? Yes
5564511 22274 Is it better to live elsewhere? Yes - definitely
5564510 27453 am i awesome Most likely
5564509 22274 Is it good to build a house here? Better not tell you now
5564507 11250 h t i d r c im j pl Count on it
5564506 33843 Will I get all A's My sources say no
5564505 33843 Hey, you that asked if you will find true love you will!!! Without a doubt
5564504 22274 Will be be an engineer? Yes
5564503 33843 Will Obama win the 2012 election Count on it
5564502 22274 Will P become a musician? Very doubtful
5564501 33843 Do i love pizza ? My reply is no
5564500 5672 will i go to work tomorrow? My sources say no
5564499 6231 should i stay home this weekend? Outlook not so good
5564498 33843 Will I date Gavin Pratt It is certain
5564497 5672 Will I find true love? NO!
5564496 33843 Will I date Gavin Pratt Concentrate and ask again
5564495 22274 Will my son finish his degree? Cannot predict now
5564494 33717 Will I pass my physics exam tomorrow? My reply is no