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Will I be strong when I grow up

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564608 29612 Will I be strong when I grow up My reply is no
5564607 31378 will 2550 get with Dustin Francis before the end of the school year? Concentrate and ask again
5564606 29612 Will I be strong when I grow up Reply hazy, try again
5564605 30747 Will Leverage get a sixth season? My reply is no
5564604 31378 more weed? Reply hazy, try again
5564603 2550 Will i get a change with Dustin Francis befor the end of the school year if i loose the weight? Signs point to yes
5564601 2550 Will i get a change with Justin Bieber in my lifetime? It is certain
5564599 2550 Will i get a chance with Colin Ford in my lifetime? NO!
5564598 12110 Will I get the Job? Without a doubt
5564597 2550 Will I get a chance to be with Dustin Franics before the end of the school year? Outlook not so good
5564596 8910 did jesse lie to me about the break? It is decidedly so
5564595 5797 Is hannah my freand NO!
5564594 31378 yes or no? Yes - definitely
5564593 22243 2325693 Signs point to yes
5564592 31378 should i send kate the ticket for the glass bottom boat ride? Cannot predict now
5564591 28906 is mia pretty and beautiful Yes - definitely
5564590 28906 does mia look like her mom As I see it, yes
5564589 28906 is beau pretty NO!
5564588 28906 is mia beautiful Outlook not so good
5564587 8910 did jerm really like me? Outlook not so good
5564585 28906 is curtis pretty Count on it
5564584 27803 did yari marry eric? Outlook not so good
5564583 8910 is jerm coming back this month? Outlook not so good
5564582 28906 is mia pretty NO!
5564578 28906 will mia and emma will be in 4th grade together As I see it, yes
5564577 31378 cabbag? Concentrate and ask again
5564576 22243 does tejasvi love me? As I see it, yes
5564575 8910 was cierra talking about me? My sources say no
5564574 27803 would sierra say yes if i ask her out? NO!
5564572 31378 Punch-drunk love Yes - definitely
5564571 22243 should tejasvi surya marry me? My reply is no
5564570 22814 does sarah like alec It is decidedly so
5564569 22243 should tejasvi marry me? Outlook not so good
5564567 22814 does sarah like alex Outlook not so good
5564566 28906 will emma snd mia will go to the same college Ask again later
5564565 27803 should i ask out sierra tommorow? Not in a million years
5564564 22243 should i marry tejasvi surya? Without a doubt
5564563 2466 who is this number 775-225-4862 Ask again later
5564562 22243 should i marry tejasvi? My reply is no
5564561 28906 will mia and emma will be best freinds forever Count on it
5564560 22814 will sarah cheat on me Not in a million years
5564559 22243 do i like tejasvi surya Signs point to yes
5564557 22243 will i marry tejasvi surya Cannot predict now
5564555 367 do i like pie Better not tell you now
5564553 32021 Will kim fu** me soon It is certain
5564551 32021 Is ashley in love with me NO!
5564549 25799 w h s w m It is certain
5564548 25799 d h l m Not in a million years
5564546 32021 Does ashley love me Reply hazy, try again
5564545 2311 will i become a millionaire before i'm 55 Cannot predict now