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Will my life ever be happy

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564723 17384 Will my life ever be happy Not in a million years
5564720 16225 Will I ever live with Tolu again It is decidedly so
5564702 30854 will i join elp Not in a million years
5564701 30854 will i work with elp NO!
5564700 30854 will i live in bangalore Not in a million years
5564699 30854 will i move to mumbai Count on it
5564695 30854 will i join ascent capital Yes - definitely
5564694 30854 will i join almt Outlook not so good
5564693 30854 will i join wadia ghandy It is decidedly so
5564692 30854 will i join jsa NO!
5564690 8811 is my dad on his way from mexico My sources say no
5564689 30854 will i get the best food deal Yes
5564688 30854 will i marry vj My reply is no
5564685 8811 is my dad on his way back from Mexico Reply hazy, try again
5564682 8811 does jaime have a lighter Count on it
5564680 8811 will i get a new touch screen cell phone for christmas Most likely
5564677 8811 is there such thing as zombies Yes - definitely
5564675 30952 would it be a good investment to buy the house next door? It is certain
5564674 8811 is a right angle 90 degrees My reply is no
5564672 30952 will a later ticket to bangalore or chennai open up for me? It is decidedly so
5564669 29742 Is Antonio coming to see me soon? Not in a million years
5564667 8811 what is the degrees of a right angle Most likely
5564666 29742 Is ANtoine excited to see me soon? My reply is no
5564662 12472 Has Sandi's grandson made out with a man? Concentrate and ask again
5564661 16152 Will she continue to be silent to him? It is certain
5564660 16152 Will she let him know that? Ask again later
5564658 8811 does brandon like me My reply is no
5564657 16152 Will Traci end up forgiviing Dalton? Most likely
5564652 29742 Is Antoine in antoher country? Without a doubt
5564650 8811 is my name sunshine Signs point to yes
5564648 16152 Will they live happily ever after? Outlook not so good
5564647 29742 Is Antoine in Italy? My sources say no
5564646 8811 am i awesome My reply is no
5564644 16152 Will they get married? Signs point to yes
5564643 16152 Will Traci and Sam end up together in the end? Count on it
5564642 8811 does Savanah Durrett like me Cannot predict now
5564641 11120 is jerrod the one for me Yes - definitely
5564640 11120 am i pregent Most likely
5564637 16152 Will they at least start to keep in touch again? Yes - definitely
5564636 16152 Will Traci and D be friends again and talk again? NO!
5564635 16152 Will they be friends anf talk again? Better not tell you now
5564634 16152 Does Traci wish her and D were still friends and talked? Without a doubt
5564632 24782 will the guy buy the truck? My reply is no
5564631 16152 Are her and Ella still living at Sonja Drive? Better not tell you now
5564630 16152 Is she living at his place? Very doubtful
5564629 16152 Is she with Sam tonight? It is decidedly so
5564627 16152 Did it touch her heart? Not in a million years
5564626 16152 Did she believe I am sorry? Count on it
5564624 16152 Did Traci read my text today? It is decidedly so
5564622 3286 Did michael get the picture of my sss My sources say no