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do i have every right to be angry

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564839 15660 do i have every right to be angry Without a doubt
5564836 19403 Refec Not in a million years
5564835 19403 Nachos Cannot predict now
5564833 25945 Will i bang Moon Unit Zappa ? It is certain
5564827 11487 will Bluspeed ever have relic weapon? Signs point to yes
5564825 33782 Do I have hepatitis b NO!
5564824 35255 Does Brain Shields have the Aids Virus My reply is no
5564821 35255 Do i have Aids Ask again later
5564820 15271 is she ok? It is decidedly so
5564819 15271 is she trying to get to me the love of my life? NO!
5564818 9773 Will Renee and Brooke become wives Reply hazy, try again
5564816 9773 Will Renee become my wife one day Very doubtful
5564815 35255 Will Brain Shields have a different Girlfriend in 6 months Not in a million years
5564810 5725 Will I meet the man I marry in Iowa? Without a doubt
5564807 5725 Will I meet the man I marry in Oklahoma? Outlook not so good
5564805 5725 Does Taylor actually like me more than a friend? It is decidedly so
5564801 29547 Should we watch Anastasia? Without a doubt
5564799 5725 Does Taylor actually like me as more than a friend? Very doubtful
5564798 25620 Is leaving Nikki the right choice? NO!
5564797 29547 Should we watch Little Mermaid? As I see it, yes
5564796 19994 will I marry brian scanlan? Yes
5564792 14004 i want to tell the chair that she was wrong to yell at me today. what do you think? It is decidedly so
5564790 10276 Will I ever find that special man to be with It is certain
5564774 22513 Should I go to work tomorrow? Not in a million years
5564771 26714 Should I join Laura at the library? It is certain
5564770 14601 will i get offered kickapoo police chief It is decidedly so
5564769 22513 Ok, but when? Outlook not so good
5564768 22513 When, will I win lotto? As I see it, yes
5564767 22513 What you mean? Without a doubt
5564764 22513 Will I win lotto Yes
5564762 17384 More with her It is decidedly so
5564761 1284 should I go get ice cream right now? Without a doubt
5564760 25945 Will Jay Cutler hate me ? Most likely
5564759 17384 More with me NO!
5564757 17384 Has he thought about it with jp Count on it
5564755 17384 Has he thought about it It is decidedly so
5564754 29904 Will my wife and I be able to have kids? It is decidedly so
5564753 17384 Will I ever kiss him Yes - definitely
5564752 17384 Will I ever kiss him Cannot predict now
5564732 17384 Does t want to with a coworker Count on it
5564730 17384 Does t want to Count on it
5564728 35255 Will i travel to Tyler Mn tomorrow It is certain
5564727 17384 Did Tom cheat on me recently Outlook not so good
5564725 17384 Will my life get better Count on it
5564723 17384 Will my life ever be happy Not in a million years
5564720 16225 Will I ever live with Tolu again It is decidedly so
5564702 30854 will i join elp Not in a million years
5564701 30854 will i work with elp NO!
5564700 30854 will i live in bangalore Not in a million years
5564699 30854 will i move to mumbai Count on it