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Will I win the contest?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5564998 29062 Will I win the contest? My reply is no
5564997 1364 Jason just using me Most likely
5564995 29062 Does Salima think I'm cute Better not tell you now
5564994 1364 Jason really going too make it up too me for being mean too me for real Very doubtful
5564993 1210 Will I marry simon Most likely
5564992 12472 Does Lorraine think she turns me on? As I see it, yes
5564991 29062 Does jasmin think I'm cute Very doubtful
5564990 18482 Is Leon glad to hear from me? My sources say no
5564989 12472 Does Lorraine know she turns me on? Reply hazy, try again
5564988 1210 Does Simon still love me Yes
5564987 12472 DOes Lorraine sense I am bi? Without a doubt
5564986 12472 Is Lorraine bi? My reply is no
5564985 1210 Will I end up back together with Simon Most likely
5564983 12472 has laney made out wit h Rachel? NO!
5564982 12472 Is Rachel bi? As I see it, yes
5564981 12472 Does Laney htink Iws flirting with her when I let my towel drop exposign my breasts? Most likely
5564980 12472 DOes Laney have virgo rising? Signs point to yes
5564978 12472 Is Laney my friend? Yes - definitely
5564975 12472 Is there a bixeaula gene in Sandi's family? Not in a million years
5564973 12472 Is Snadis' grandson's sister bi, too? It is decidedly so
5564972 30323 Did he think of me today? As I see it, yes
5564969 30323 Should I just forget about him and he will return? As I see it, yes
5564968 30323 Should I just forget about him and he will return? Ask again later
5564964 30323 Is he sleeping? As I see it, yes
5564962 30323 Did he read my text? Outlook not so good
5564961 30323 Is this 8 ball real? Most likely
5564960 30323 Will he open up about his feelings for me? Not in a million years
5564959 25945 Will I move to ST. Louis Next Summer > Yes - definitely
5564958 25945 Wll i move to New York Next Summer > My sources say no
5564957 30323 Can he picture a life with me? Signs point to yes
5564956 25945 Will I move to ST. Louis Next Summer ? Very doubtful
5564955 30323 Does he feel he doesn't want to be with me? Reply hazy, try again
5564954 30323 Does he still feel confused about me still? NO!
5564953 30323 Does he still feel lost ? Reply hazy, try again
5564952 30323 Has he confided in anyone about the way he feels about me? My reply is no
5564951 6345 Should I have an affair with steven It is certain
5564950 25945 Will i ask women in internet Chatrooms so what do you think of Will Smith and Would you do Him when I become a movie star ? Yes
5564949 25945 Will i chat to women in internet Chatrooms when I become a movie star ? As I see it, yes
5564948 30323 Did Alex listen to the song ? Cannot predict now
5564947 30323 Will Alex want to see me this weekend? Yes
5564946 11120 am in pregent NO!
5564945 11120 am i pregent with jerrods baby Reply hazy, try again
5564944 11120 am i pregent My reply is no
5564943 11120 am i pregent Ask again later
5564942 20749 What did oak hill elementary school be before it was a school My reply is no
5564941 20749 Who from mrs mariono class likes lucio from oak hill school Most likely
5564940 20749 What does he need to tell me Count on it
5564939 118 is he busy Cannot predict now
5564938 24594 will i marry matt wertz My reply is no
5564936 20749 Does Lucio from oak hill school like me Noemi from his class Yes