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Will Traci like this gift?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565103 16152 Will Traci like this gift? It is decidedly so
5565102 7385 will kata ovari fall in love with me ? Very doubtful
5565101 16152 Will she like this gift? Reply hazy, try again
5565099 24198 does she want me back Reply hazy, try again
5565098 29926 will i join a law firm Cannot predict now
5565097 24198 will she come back Outlook not so good
5565096 29926 will i get a job this month Most likely
5565095 28405 Will I win the jackpot next week? Without a doubt
5565094 24198 will we get back as lovers soon Yes
5565093 18532 is carrie the bestest Concentrate and ask again
5565092 18532 is it going to snow on sunday It is certain
5565091 30879 is dennis a white trash name? Yes
5565090 18532 is it going to snow on saturday Count on it
5565089 5682 Will Dennis edgar Hopkins jr. Va claim be approved? Outlook not so good
5565086 18532 do i love carrie Reply hazy, try again
5565085 29926 will i join fox Yes
5565084 29926 will i join jsa It is certain
5565082 29926 will i get the best food deal My reply is no
5565081 30879 no wedding, jen d the d is for dyke Reply hazy, try again
5565080 30879 she have a mouth full? Better not tell you now
5565073 30879 is brain shields still hard for me? It is certain
5565065 30879 I love big latino cock! It is certain
5565063 30879 is he making me wet? My reply is no
5565062 30879 is that guy who made sandi wet making me wet? Concentrate and ask again
5565061 30879 does carmen want to lick my ass again? Yes - definitely
5565060 12472 Did I used to make Sandi wet? Better not tell you now
5565056 12472 Does Carmen consider me a friend? It is decidedly so
5565054 12472 DOes Carmen like me? NO!
5565049 30879 is jason in love with me? Count on it
5565048 12472 Does Lorraine think I am ill? It is certain
5565047 12472 Does Lorraine think I am sick? Not in a million years
5565045 12472 Will Lorraine be cold to me the next time I call her? My sources say no
5565043 12472 Will Lorraine be colder than usual if she picks up the phone when I call? Ask again later
5565042 1364 Will Jason fight and say nasty things too me again at the bar this weekend for real My sources say no
5565041 30879 will my gums be ok in two weeks? My reply is no
5565040 1364 Will Jason fight and say nasty things too me again at the bar this weekend Yes
5565039 12472 WIll Lorraine speak to me if I call her house? It is decidedly so
5565038 12935 Is tim going to call me My sources say no
5565037 12472 Will Lorraine pick up my phone call if she is home? Not in a million years
5565036 1364 Will Jason want too go to the bar this weekend too play pool Most likely
5565035 30879 will i be married by the end of this year? Signs point to yes
5565033 1364 Are we going too the bar Friday night for Jason too play pool My sources say no
5565032 12472 Is Lorraine nice? Better not tell you now
5565031 30879 will my teeth be fixed in 6 months? Concentrate and ask again
5565030 1364 Jason jealous of other men looking at me Yes
5565029 12472 If i call Lorraine will she call me back? My reply is no
5565028 1364 Jason Kotch jealous and that is why he acts the way he does around me Ask again later
5565027 12472 Is Lorraine attracted to me? Outlook not so good
5565025 12472 Ha Lorraine ever been attracted to another woman? It is decidedly so
5565024 1364 Does Jason Kotch think I am pretty Signs point to yes