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is 16152 an idiot ?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565145 7385 is 16152 an idiot ? It is decidedly so
5565144 16152 Is she going to send me another ugly email? Cannot predict now
5565141 29926 will i call almt Reply hazy, try again
5565140 29926 will almt call me Better not tell you now
5565139 29926 will i join kco Not in a million years
5565138 7385 is 29926 a girl ? Outlook not so good
5565137 29926 will i join a law firm in january NO!
5565136 7385 do i feel sorry for him ? It is decidedly so
5565135 29926 will i get a job in a law firm Outlook not so good
5565134 29926 will i join a law firm this month NO!
5565133 7385 is 29926 a loser ? Without a doubt
5565131 29926 will i ever be partner wadia ghandy It is certain
5565130 29926 will i be partner wadia ghandy Reply hazy, try again
5565129 7385 am i a magician ? Cannot predict now
5565128 29926 will i be partner wg NO!
5565127 29926 will i join ascent capital My reply is no
5565126 29926 will i join ascent capital Reply hazy, try again
5565125 16152 Will the books mean alot to her? My reply is no
5565124 16152 Will Traci get the things Ive sent her from ebay? Most likely
5565123 7385 am i retarded for staying in this site ? Outlook not so good
5565122 29926 will i be hired by wg Count on it
5565121 29926 will i join lexygen My reply is no
5565120 16152 Will Traci get the shipment of the books? Better not tell you now
5565119 29926 will i shift to mumbai Cannot predict now
5565118 7385 does she love me ? Without a doubt
5565117 16152 Will Traci get the books? Ask again later
5565116 29926 will i join almt My reply is no
5565115 16152 Will she know D sent her the books? Cannot predict now
5565114 7385 do i love kata? Concentrate and ask again
5565113 16152 Will she think Sam sent them to her? My sources say no
5565112 29926 will i join wg My reply is no
5565111 16152 Will it mean something to her that I remembered? Very doubtful
5565110 29926 will i marry vj As I see it, yes
5565109 16152 Will she know wo sent her those books? My reply is no
5565108 7385 am i happy? My reply is no
5565107 7385 is she happy? NO!
5565106 29926 will i meet vj today Signs point to yes
5565105 7385 does she want me back? As I see it, yes
5565103 16152 Will Traci like this gift? It is decidedly so
5565102 7385 will kata ovari fall in love with me ? Very doubtful
5565101 16152 Will she like this gift? Reply hazy, try again
5565099 24198 does she want me back Reply hazy, try again
5565098 29926 will i join a law firm Cannot predict now
5565097 24198 will she come back Outlook not so good
5565096 29926 will i get a job this month Most likely
5565095 28405 Will I win the jackpot next week? Without a doubt
5565094 24198 will we get back as lovers soon Yes
5565093 18532 is carrie the bestest Concentrate and ask again
5565092 18532 is it going to snow on sunday It is certain
5565091 30879 is dennis a white trash name? Yes