the Magic

w h t h w a u a b

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565279 25799 w h t h w a u a b Better not tell you now
5565278 14165 is julian safe? My reply is no
5565277 14165 do i have asthma? My reply is no
5565276 14165 will i win the lottery It is certain
5565275 14165 am i going to sell my house soon? It is certain
5565274 14165 am i going to sell my house? Signs point to yes
5565273 14165 is it going to be a forclosure? My reply is no
5565271 14165 does my mother love me My sources say no
5565270 3263 Will we see one another intimately every week for the next six months? My sources say no
5565269 14165 do my kids love me? Outlook not so good
5565268 14165 does frank love me? NO!
5565267 14165 is miso going to be ok? Signs point to yes
5565266 14165 does chloe love me? It is decidedly so
5565265 3263 Will it end because his wife finds out? My reply is no
5565264 14165 are we poor? Without a doubt
5565263 14165 is my husband going to bring some money home soon? Not in a million years
5565262 3263 Will it last two years? Signs point to yes
5565261 5641 Will my ex and I get back together? Ask again later
5565260 14165 is my husband going to bring some money home soon? Concentrate and ask again
5565259 3263 Will it last three years? My reply is no
5565258 11202 Does he still love me? NO!
5565257 11202 Does he want me back? Not in a million years
5565256 3263 Will our affair last 10 years? My sources say no
5565255 11202 Will he want me back? Concentrate and ask again
5565254 11202 Will he text tonight? Count on it
5565252 3263 Will Phillip M and I live happily ever after? Outlook not so good
5565251 14165 can i afford to live in my house? Better not tell you now
5565250 14165 am i going to come into some money soon? Yes
5565249 3263 Does Phillip M love me? Yes - definitely
5565248 14165 am i going to lose my house? Signs point to yes
5565247 32285 Do he want me to be his wife? Better not tell you now
5565245 7970 Will Alieza and Vivien end up together forever? Without a doubt
5565244 32285 Will he ask me to marry him? It is decidedly so
5565243 7970 Will Alieza and Vivien end up together? Ask again later
5565242 25945 Will i hire somebody to answer and ask questions for me on Y/A ? Most likely
5565241 32285 Will Tim,call me tomorrow? It is decidedly so
5565240 7970 Is franzi and chady be together forever Concentrate and ask again
5565239 7970 is yana pretty Very doubtful
5565237 18726 sabeen loves ashar? Cannot predict now
5565234 11662 Will I become a CPA? Without a doubt
5565232 11662 Will I become a CPA? Ask again later
5565231 26381 Will i pass my IM shelf tomorrow? Very doubtful
5565229 22837 Does Dana like me more than a friend? Concentrate and ask again
5565228 26381 will harleen Dhaliwal pass her shelf tomorrow? Without a doubt
5565227 12614 Will Rick and I stay married? Cannot predict now
5565226 7379 Gn aycrn jc It is certain
5565225 22513 How can I win lotto Without a doubt
5565224 22513 Will I win lotto Outlook not so good
5565223 25945 Will i ask women in internet Chatrooms name Two Regular Guys who you think is hot thats not famous when I become a movie star ? It is certain
5565221 22865 melt? Very doubtful