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Are you reliable?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565309 10510 Are you reliable? Cannot predict now
5565308 10510 Do you know why she i gonna talk to me tomorrow Cannot predict now
5565307 16675 will I get job in mumbai in 2013? Signs point to yes
5565306 10510 So just cause she wants to? My sources say no
5565305 10510 About what I tweeted? Not in a million years
5565304 8704 Is Kayla pregnant? NO!
5565303 10510 Will she try to talk to me tomorrow Most likely
5565302 10510 Kali? Yes
5565301 10510 Is it gonna be from addi My reply is no
5565300 10510 Am I gonna get some this weekend Most likely
5565299 10510 Did Poynor lie? Signs point to yes
5565298 10510 So he lied Concentrate and ask again
5565297 10510 Did poynor lie about texting kalli Very doubtful
5565296 10510 Do I have 2 dogs It is decidedly so
5565295 14165 is my name harry Signs point to yes
5565294 10510 Have I ever madeoit It is certain
5565293 10510 Is my name ivan Cannot predict now
5565292 12976 What are my soul mates initials Count on it
5565291 14165 should i masterbate? Without a doubt
5565290 14165 are we going to get divorced? Very doubtful
5565289 12976 What are the initials of my soul mates name Yes - definitely
5565288 14165 does my husband love me? My reply is no
5565287 14165 do i love mu husband? Yes - definitely
5565286 25799 w h e i t w m As I see it, yes
5565285 14165 will d and f get married? Signs point to yes
5565284 25799 s i i o As I see it, yes
5565283 14165 will julian live a long life? As I see it, yes
5565282 25799 s i i o Concentrate and ask again
5565281 14165 is his father's family screwed up? Yes - definitely
5565280 25799 w h t h w a u a b My sources say no
5565279 25799 w h t h w a u a b Better not tell you now
5565278 14165 is julian safe? My reply is no
5565277 14165 do i have asthma? My reply is no
5565276 14165 will i win the lottery It is certain
5565275 14165 am i going to sell my house soon? It is certain
5565274 14165 am i going to sell my house? Signs point to yes
5565273 14165 is it going to be a forclosure? My reply is no
5565271 14165 does my mother love me My sources say no
5565270 3263 Will we see one another intimately every week for the next six months? My sources say no
5565269 14165 do my kids love me? Outlook not so good
5565268 14165 does frank love me? NO!
5565267 14165 is miso going to be ok? Signs point to yes
5565266 14165 does chloe love me? It is decidedly so
5565265 3263 Will it end because his wife finds out? My reply is no
5565264 14165 are we poor? Without a doubt
5565263 14165 is my husband going to bring some money home soon? Not in a million years
5565262 3263 Will it last two years? Signs point to yes
5565261 5641 Will my ex and I get back together? Ask again later
5565260 14165 is my husband going to bring some money home soon? Concentrate and ask again
5565259 3263 Will it last three years? My reply is no