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Will we make love ever?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565351 32787 Will we make love ever? NO!
5565350 32787 Will we kiss soon? Without a doubt
5565349 32787 Does Farid love me? Very doubtful
5565348 32787 Does Farid love me? Concentrate and ask again
5565347 32787 Does Farid miss me? Outlook not so good
5565346 32787 Does Farid love me? Concentrate and ask again
5565345 32787 Will Farid contact me soon? Most likely
5565344 32787 Did Farid know it was me today driving beside him? Signs point to yes
5565343 32787 Did Farid know it was me today? Reply hazy, try again
5565342 11250 h k i h a n b a Yes
5565341 27624 Will I have another baby It is decidedly so
5565340 27624 Will I have another child NO!
5565339 11250 ds h j w 2 k m n m h h d Yes
5565338 27624 Am I good to start Most likely
5565337 27624 Am I good to go Reply hazy, try again
5565336 11250 h t b t my body i t j It is certain
5565335 11250 h t im a g It is decidedly so
5565334 11250 h t c of f in l w m in h t Yes - definitely
5565333 11250 h t im a bb doll Better not tell you now
5565331 11250 h t t m b in t j Ask again later
5565330 11250 h t im a m My reply is no
5565329 11250 hs l f s t m on Ask again later
5565328 11250 ds h t t my b Cannot predict now
5565327 11250 ds h t im a m Outlook not so good
5565326 11250 h t t my body NO!
5565325 11250 ds h h a s crush on m Yes - definitely
5565324 2731 Will I pass my finals? Yes
5565323 11250 ds pm t im a bb doll Count on it
5565322 2731 Will I get good grades on my finals? My reply is no
5565321 20359 did delanies phone get stolen? It is decidedly so
5565320 20359 is delanies phone in the car? Very doubtful
5565319 20359 is my phone in this house? Concentrate and ask again
5565318 20359 Is delanies phone i this house? My sources say no
5565317 31042 Will I get the human resource coordinator position? Most likely
5565316 19643 Will we sleep with eachother? Outlook not so good
5565315 31042 Will I get the team leader position? Count on it
5565314 19643 Does she want me to come see her? Most likely
5565313 19643 Should I go see Kirsten? My reply is no
5565311 10510 So I should go to the party Without a doubt
5565309 10510 Are you reliable? Cannot predict now
5565308 10510 Do you know why she i gonna talk to me tomorrow Cannot predict now
5565307 16675 will I get job in mumbai in 2013? Signs point to yes
5565306 10510 So just cause she wants to? My sources say no
5565305 10510 About what I tweeted? Not in a million years
5565304 8704 Is Kayla pregnant? NO!
5565303 10510 Will she try to talk to me tomorrow Most likely
5565302 10510 Kali? Yes
5565301 10510 Is it gonna be from addi My reply is no
5565300 10510 Am I gonna get some this weekend Most likely
5565299 10510 Did Poynor lie? Signs point to yes