the Magic

Will Brad become a millionaire and love Amanda for each day for eternity?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565450 30705 Will Brad become a millionaire and love Amanda for each day for eternity? Ask again later
5565449 14155 Will I hear from Brandi again? It is certain
5565448 10040 Will Alicia email me within next 5 days? My sources say no
5565447 30705 Will Brad and I go on a picnic this spring? Most likely
5565446 30705 Will brad and I go on a picnic together in the spring? Concentrate and ask again
5565445 30705 Will Amanda marry a baboon with a pink rear end and call him Jethro? Signs point to yes
5565444 30705 Will Brad and I get the jobs we most want in the world within the next two years? Very doubtful
5565443 30705 Is the capital of Linguine covered in a sea of blue ravioli? Not in a million years
5565442 11250 h is in l w me s It is decidedly so
5565441 11250 h t im a and s NO!
5565440 11250 he t im a Very doubtful
5565438 30705 Will I live with a smelly stranger in a place that is clean and not smelly in the next year? Most likely
5565437 11250 h w 2 l h 2 b p Yes
5565436 30705 Will my most dearest, true, perfect love and I live together in a place that is clean and not smelly in the next year? Very doubtful
5565435 25538 Will my team win the championship tomorrow? My sources say no
5565434 11250 h w 2 l h 2 b p Better not tell you now
5565433 11250 he l me Count on it
5565432 11250 he w 2 l h 2 bp My sources say no
5565431 30705 Will Amanda and I live together in a place that is clean and not smelly in the next year? NO!
5565430 25538 Will I be first in my class? It is decidedly so
5565429 30705 If had more hair on her face would she look like a carnival chimpanzee more than a barracuda with a hairy lip? Cannot predict now
5565428 11250 pm n i h alot in c It is certain
5565427 30705 Will my feet always smell like a busted down old clowns pajama bottoms? Outlook not so good
5565426 25538 Will I win the bingo jackpot $34,000 tonight? My sources say no
5565425 30705 Will Amanda allow me to have fun one night the rest of my god-for-saken life? My sources say no
5565424 11250 h d c h f in l w me Not in a million years
5565423 11250 h t i s l a of f As I see it, yes
5565422 30705 Does Amelia levitate around my apartment at night when i am not there, lording her powers over all the furniture and whatever moths may be trapped inside? Yes
5565421 25538 Will I win bingo today As I see it, yes
5565419 30705 Will Barry the pizza boy ever decide that he is tired of living in his older sisters shadow and become a rockstar, stunt cock video vj? Not in a million years
5565417 30705 Does person "X" want to go down on person "A" more than he wants to win a brand new buick? My reply is no
5565415 30705 does bradley want to eat wendys right now Very doubtful
5565414 30705 Does Bradley want to eat taco bell right now? My reply is no
5565413 11250 hs l it s l a f Signs point to yes
5565411 30705 Is Bradley inferior in every way to the love of his life Amanda? Count on it
5565410 30705 is bradley the best looking man to ever exist? Signs point to yes
5565409 30705 Is bradley the most handsome man in the whole world? Cannot predict now
5565408 32285 should i go tonight? Outlook not so good
5565407 30705 Does Amanda every smell my bloomers when I am wearing other ones and I am standing outside? <3 NO!
5565405 32285 should i go to work tonight It is decidedly so
5565404 11250 i m h f y again s h d Without a doubt
5565402 30705 Is this 8 ball computer application as legitimate as tangible 8 ball? Count on it
5565401 11250 he did Ask again later
5565400 11250 s h d l at my likes NO!
5565399 11250 hs in l w m s As I see it, yes
5565398 11250 h t im s n adorable My reply is no
5565397 11250 h t im a My reply is no
5565395 30705 does amanda like it when brad does weird things to her boobs Reply hazy, try again
5565393 30705 does B. love me? Most likely
5565392 20359 did i loose my phone My reply is no