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will i have a christmas?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565573 13344 will i have a christmas? Outlook not so good
5565571 24390 will kimi play yachty with me tonight Outlook not so good
5565570 13344 will i get my marching shoes Without a doubt
5565569 24390 should I take the job at solarcity Yes - definitely
5565568 24390 should I take the job at solarcity Reply hazy, try again
5565567 24390 will we spend christmas together Yes
5565566 13344 will i get my band shoes Concentrate and ask again
5565565 22768 hi every one this is bad My sources say no
5565563 24390 is she in love with me Without a doubt
5565562 24390 does courtney want to marry me Yes
5565560 24390 does she love me Signs point to yes
5565559 24390 did she want to talk to me Yes
5565558 28405 Will Dad give me the money? Cannot predict now
5565557 24390 did courtney avoid me My reply is no
5565556 22768 do i have a turtle Count on it
5565555 24390 did courtney avoid me Ask again later
5565554 28405 Will Nev's shop be successful? Better not tell you now
5565553 13344 will i be famous Signs point to yes
5565552 28405 willI win the money I need next week? My reply is no
5565551 22768 do i have aturtle My reply is no
5565550 24390 did courtney avoid me tonight Without a doubt
5565549 28405 Will I win a million dollars next week? Better not tell you now
5565548 22768 am i asome Outlook not so good
5565547 18576 i rock Not in a million years
5565546 18576 am i awesome Better not tell you now
5565545 18576 will i get into prinscton? Outlook not so good
5565544 8329 will tomoorow be good? Very doubtful
5565543 1115 hello? It is decidedly so
5565542 33261 do mikiayh nati washington think about spenting the rest of her life with knocalon danuwa graham It is decidedly so
5565541 26349 Does Vida think I am poor? Yes
5565540 26349 Does Vida think I am rich? NO!
5565539 26349 Does Vida think I am rich and awesome? My reply is no
5565538 9293 Is marvin haveing proublm geting away from the girl Cannot predict now
5565537 9293 Is marvin comeing bymy house soon Reply hazy, try again
5565536 9293 Will marvin call me soon Without a doubt
5565535 33261 is knocalon danuwa graham the reason mikiayh nati washington have bags under her eyes It is decidedly so
5565534 33261 Do mikiayh nati washington love anybody more than knocalon danuwa graham My sources say no
5565533 9092 Will he start communicating more My sources say no
5565532 9092 Will we travel together this month Yes - definitely
5565531 32054 will i ever become thin? Not in a million years
5565530 9092 Will I be faithful Signs point to yes
5565529 8481 am i going to get money from her Ask again later
5565528 8481 am i going to have to pay anything NO!
5565527 9092 Will he be faithful Not in a million years
5565525 32054 when will i get a job? Reply hazy, try again
5565524 9092 Is he my soul mate My reply is no
5565523 9092 Will we have children? Signs point to yes
5565522 9092 Will I marry Mario? Yes - definitely
5565521 33261 is mikiayh nati washington only obsessed one boy Most likely
5565520 33261 Is knocalon danuwa graham the only person in the whole wide world that mikiayh nati washington is obsessed with Better not tell you now