the Magic

Am I cute, really?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565676 31027 Am I cute, really? Yes
5565675 31027 is Jack Marvin Wolf cute? It is decidedly so
5565674 16336 will he call me on my birthday? Not in a million years
5565673 16336 will i ever talk to him again? Outlook not so good
5565672 34325 stay here Signs point to yes
5565671 34325 take the job My reply is no
5565670 34325 move to mb Most likely
5565669 34325 move to bc Better not tell you now
5565668 34325 move to sk Not in a million years
5565667 34325 move to ab Very doubtful
5565666 34325 move to to Not in a million years
5565665 28722 will i get it? Yes
5565664 28722 will we marry each other? It is certain
5565663 28722 will we marry? Cannot predict now
5565662 28722 will he marry me? Better not tell you now
5565661 28722 will i be ok? Yes - definitely
5565660 8737 Will i get good job next week Without a doubt
5565659 8737 Will i get good job in next week Reply hazy, try again
5565658 8737 Will i get good job in this month Most likely
5565657 8737 Will i get job this month Outlook not so good
5565656 8737 Will i get job next week NO!
5565655 8737 Will i get job tomorrow My reply is no
5565654 2635 Will I make it to Coop's party? Very doubtful
5565652 2984 Should I stay at college after lesson? Outlook not so good
5565651 31513 is everything ok between us? Signs point to yes
5565650 31513 is he honest to me? My reply is no
5565649 31513 am i the only one he cares? My sources say no
5565648 3874 Is this Magic 8 Ball truthful, and will it give me the correct answers? My reply is no
5565647 31513 am i the only one for him? Reply hazy, try again
5565646 31513 will we be together 4 ever? As I see it, yes
5565645 31513 will we be together for ever? Cannot predict now
5565644 31513 is he cheating on me? Very doubtful
5565643 31513 he wants me? Count on it
5565642 31513 he loves me? It is decidedly so
5565641 31513 is he mine? Yes - definitely
5565637 22107 Will we like each other Better not tell you now
5565636 22107 Will he get me pregnant My reply is no
5565634 14666 he is coming back Outlook not so good
5565633 19844 Will Jade Yates definitely be Niall Horans princess? Signs point to yes
5565632 14666 will he ever contact me NO!
5565631 14666 will he contact me on monday My reply is no
5565630 14666 will he contact me today My sources say no
5565629 14666 will he come back Without a doubt
5565628 14666 does he want to come back Signs point to yes
5565627 14666 will he come back to me Outlook not so good
5565626 14666 is this good for me My reply is no
5565625 14666 is he resisting himself from me Most likely
5565624 14666 will prashant contact me today Cannot predict now
5565623 15537 Should Jade Yates and Niall Horan get together? Reply hazy, try again
5565622 28223 shall i have another drink? Yes