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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565751 13195 Fgotnblanketsytt Count on it
5565750 13195 Yrtttgg Better not tell you now
5565749 4949 Am I pregnant? Not in a million years
5565748 13195 Ytrtttgygy It is certain
5565746 31513 will he choose me over her? As I see it, yes
5565745 31513 soon? Better not tell you now
5565744 13195 Don't It is decidedly so
5565743 31513 will he dump her? Signs point to yes
5565742 31513 he needs me? Outlook not so good
5565741 13195 Yhjyh Yes
5565739 13195 Is it sunny Outlook not so good
5565738 31513 will we be together for ever? Very doubtful
5565737 31513 does he love me? My reply is no
5565736 22459 Are we going to get back together Yes - definitely
5565734 34170 Do you have a car? Ask again later
5565732 34170 How old Im I? My sources say no
5565731 9318 lottery Most likely
5565730 13195 Congtatulatiions Count on it
5565729 14666 will he ping me today It is certain
5565728 10198 does alex love me? Signs point to yes
5565727 29143 will we start the software project for cee by monday with the confirmation? Not in a million years
5565726 29143 will we get the details for the software project by tonight? Yes - definitely
5565725 29143 Will we get the confirmation for software project from cee by tonight? NO!
5565724 31380 do i go for fish NO!
5565723 11507 will I get that internship I want Outlook not so good
5565722 11507 do I need to wait till 2014 Very doubtful
5565721 11507 will I pass this exam on monday Count on it
5565720 11507 will I become a registered child nurse Count on it
5565719 17074 Will I get a new job soon Count on it
5565718 17074 Will I def get a new job soob Cannot predict now
5565717 17074 Will he ask me out Reply hazy, try again
5565716 17074 Will s reply to my msg Signs point to yes
5565715 17074 Will they discuss it and decide to give me a chance Count on it
5565714 17074 Did she genuinely like ne As I see it, yes
5565713 17074 Will I get a callback from them for sure Reply hazy, try again
5565712 17074 Will she speak to j and k saying she will give me a chance Better not tell you now
5565711 14336 will i marry Shpresa Gashi? Most likely
5565710 12137 Am I suppose to be with Jason? It is decidedly so
5565709 17074 Will she think about it and change her mind My sources say no
5565708 17074 Was it really just her that was unhappy with me It is decidedly so
5565707 12137 Am i suppose to be with Jason Outlook not so good
5565706 17074 Are they reconsidering me Outlook not so good
5565705 17074 Will I def get a job soon Outlook not so good
5565704 17074 Will I get an offer by the end of the year Signs point to yes
5565703 11250 im g 2 d f c As I see it, yes
5565702 17074 Will I get an offer next week Outlook not so good
5565701 17074 Will they change their minds and hire me Better not tell you now
5565700 34010 Will I be in trouble tomorrwo Most likely
5565699 34010 Will I be in trouble tm Reply hazy, try again
5565698 34010 Will dr b know what I did today for my sister Ask again later