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is arman missing sossi now

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565804 15676 is arman missing sossi now Not in a million years
5565803 11508 Now in heart broken My sources say no
5565802 5265 will he text me? Most likely
5565801 11508 that's it im done Yes - definitely
5565800 5265 will he email me? Not in a million years
5565799 5265 will he contact me soon? NO!
5565798 11508 Am I your wife Outlook not so good
5565797 5265 will i see him again? Count on it
5565796 1588 should i break up with nancy As I see it, yes
5565795 11508 Triplklklkj Ask again later
5565794 23080 Prove it Cannot predict now
5565793 23080 U liar As I see it, yes
5565792 23080 U in love with me Without a doubt
5565791 29226 Thanks Assface Most likely
5565790 12579 I've done that As I see it, yes
5565789 29226 So you're saying I should not go to sleep right now? Count on it
5565788 12579 YYYfrhgdfge Not in a million years
5565787 29226 Are you sure I should go to sleep now? Outlook not so good
5565786 29226 Should I go to sleep now? Yes
5565785 12579 Together It is certain
5565782 12579 Continental breakfast shows then a nap Outlook not so good
5565781 31513 will he leave her? Better not tell you now
5565780 31513 will he leave me? Yes
5565779 31513 shall i be nervous? My sources say no
5565778 31513 is he cheating on me? Yes - definitely
5565777 13195 Juuuyhgg Ask again later
5565776 13195 Cream My reply is no
5565775 31513 am i just too paranoid? My sources say no
5565774 13195 And dreams Reply hazy, try again
5565773 31513 does he loves me? Yes - definitely
5565772 31513 is he mine? My sources say no
5565771 13195 So do i Count on it
5565770 13195 Want some strawberries Yes
5565769 13195 Gonna have w bola budg Signs point to yes
5565768 13195 I feel overwhelmed Better not tell you now
5565767 22344 Not yours Cannot predict now
5565766 22344 Baby father Cannot predict now
5565765 34366 Will I become a diver? Signs point to yes
5565764 22344 Fttvgf As I see it, yes
5565763 22344 Chilly Concentrate and ask again
5565762 22344 Truly My reply is no
5565761 1916 is there someone else? Reply hazy, try again
5565760 22344 Grghyggbbchjfhdgf clinical As I see it, yes
5565759 1916 Are me a tayla over? Yes - definitely
5565758 16336 will he call me? Very doubtful
5565757 22344 Rt gt tyy My reply is no
5565756 1916 have I still got a chance with Tayla? Ask again later
5565755 13195 Try asdyyy Count on it
5565754 13195 Add speak asd Count on it
5565753 13195 GGGtrh Yes - definitely