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will i move in january 2013?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5565961 28573 will i move in january 2013? My sources say no
5565960 28573 am i still beautiful? Concentrate and ask again
5565959 28573 will bill be faithful> Not in a million years
5565958 28573 will my apache county column be picked up and launch me to success? As I see it, yes
5565957 28573 will gabriel be all right? Very doubtful
5565956 28573 will i be writing the great american novel in arizona? Count on it
5565955 28573 will i get a 300,000 buyout? Signs point to yes
5565954 14666 should i stop approaching him It is decidedly so
5565953 14666 am i a use and throw thing for him Yes
5565952 14666 has he misused me NO!
5565951 14666 has he played with me Count on it
5565950 3671 will i move to mumbai My reply is no
5565949 3671 will i move to mumbai Reply hazy, try again
5565948 14666 has he used me Outlook not so good
5565947 3671 will i live in bangalore Count on it
5565946 14666 has he used me Better not tell you now
5565945 3671 will i join a law firm Most likely
5565944 14666 will i ever be his better half Ask again later
5565943 14666 will he become my husband My reply is no
5565942 14666 will he ever become my husband Yes
5565941 3671 will i join wg Yes - definitely
5565940 3671 will i join wg Reply hazy, try again
5565939 14666 will i ever be his official wife Concentrate and ask again
5565938 3671 will i join wadia ghandy Concentrate and ask again
5565937 3671 will i join almt It is certain
5565936 3671 will i join fox Signs point to yes
5565935 3671 will i join ascent capital Without a doubt
5565934 3671 will i join a law firm in mumbai It is certain
5565933 14666 will i be his wife in next birth Outlook not so good
5565932 14666 will i ever be his wife My reply is no
5565931 3671 will i get the best food deal Not in a million years
5565930 19063 Will I be a high school teacher in 2014? Without a doubt
5565929 3671 will i join a law firm in bangalore Very doubtful
5565928 3671 will i marry vj Without a doubt
5565927 29067 luv nia ba ko NO!
5565926 29067 niloloko lang ba nia ko Count on it
5565924 29067 mahal ba nya ko Very doubtful
5565923 29067 may chix b sya Without a doubt
5565922 29067 madami ba syang kasinungalingan skin Ask again later
5565920 29067 sino ang makakatuluyan ko Count on it
5565919 29067 sila pa b ni bruha My sources say no
5565918 14666 does he still wants me in his life Yes - definitely
5565917 29067 may chix b syang iba Without a doubt
5565916 14666 is he in attitude It is decidedly so
5565915 14666 does he loves me Yes - definitely
5565914 29067 niloloko lng b niako Yes
5565913 14666 will he contact me today As I see it, yes
5565912 19128 Does Ryan love me? As I see it, yes
5565911 29067 uunlad b ko Not in a million years
5565910 19128 Will I see Ryan tonight? It is certain