the Magic

will the claim support me for life

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566036 28897 will the claim support me for life Outlook not so good
5566035 13195 Boys in blue Yes
5566034 28897 will walk away over 300 thousand Cannot predict now
5566033 13195 I found out As I see it, yes
5566032 28897 will get over 200 thousand It is certain
5566031 13195 Jailtime My reply is no
5566029 13195 Believe you me my Xmas wish is to see him getting back what he's dished out and him being Cannot predict now
5566028 28897 will i get good claim in ctp Not in a million years
5566027 13195 The temptation My sources say no
5566026 350 am I male? Better not tell you now
5566024 13195 Wish I could boot marks backside up his crack Yes - definitely
5566023 350 Will my husband be alright if I leave? Very doubtful
5566022 350 will i leave here? Better not tell you now
5566021 350 Will I divorce My husband? Cannot predict now
5566020 15864 Will he text me tonight It is certain
5566019 350 Will I leave my husband? Concentrate and ask again
5566018 13195 Now have a cupcake bye for now Yes - definitely
5566017 35165 Is it there Yes
5566016 13195 Lord may you come to those who destroy amen As I see it, yes
5566015 13195 The path of the righteous. Man woman Without a doubt
5566014 13195 Look it up My reply is no
5566013 13195 Pulp fiction Very doubtful
5566012 13195 In the fifth your ass goes down Yes
5566011 11250 pms s in l w m Without a doubt
5566010 26836 jel amela gorana imalo voli As I see it, yes
5566009 23955 Will I get 401k check before Christmas? Most likely
5566008 33876 Will I get the job in insurance Outlook not so good
5566007 33876 Will I get the job in insurabce My reply is no
5566006 33876 Will I get the job Without a doubt
5566004 6216 i am intelligent NO!
5566003 11250 ds h t im b My sources say no
5566002 19128 Is Ryan coming here tonight? It is certain
5566001 11250 ds pm l m Signs point to yes
5566000 6216 my brother is mad Without a doubt
5565999 928 Will we beable to pick up where we left off yesterday My reply is no
5565998 928 Will i be able to make him that way It is certain
5565997 28085 should i lie? As I see it, yes
5565996 928 Will roger be hot Very doubtful
5565995 928 Will roger be as hot as i think he will be if i get to see him My reply is no
5565994 928 Has roger had thoughts of me over night Signs point to yes
5565993 928 Has roger thought about me over night Outlook not so good
5565992 928 Has roger thought about me over night Concentrate and ask again
5565991 14336 will i marry Shpresa Gashi? Most likely
5565990 18449 Am I gonna get the assistant position? Yes
5565989 18449 If this is the Milton I know, he's married NO!
5565988 10960 Am I in love with Milton? It is decidedly so
5565987 1906 Am I going to go fencing tonight? Count on it
5565986 18449 Do this Milton live in Hawaii? Better not tell you now
5565985 1906 Can I get away with not going fencing? It is decidedly so
5565984 10960 Is milton falling in love with me? It is certain