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Lazy so and so

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566067 13195 Lazy so and so Better not tell you now
5566066 13195 One handed Not in a million years
5566065 10638 Will rp love me Cannot predict now
5566064 13195 Get on the floor and do fifty press ups It is certain
5566063 14666 does he loves me Concentrate and ask again
5566062 31389 will he come back? My reply is no
5566061 13195 Quizznos Yes - definitely
5566060 13195 Want things investigated It is certain
5566059 13195 Same here Better not tell you now
5566057 13195 Good day bad day Yes - definitely
5566056 13195 Spoiltsport Reply hazy, try again
5566055 24598 will i shift to bombay Outlook not so good
5566054 13195 Or behind a bush My reply is no
5566053 24598 will i join almt Yes
5566052 30560 Should metin buy a 3ds xl? It is certain
5566051 24598 will i join almt Concentrate and ask again
5566050 13195 In his bentley Ask again later
5566049 24598 will i marry vj Not in a million years
5566048 24598 will i join wadia ghandy My reply is no
5566047 13195 Will I shag Mario today Reply hazy, try again
5566046 24598 will i join fox Without a doubt
5566045 24598 will i marry vj Ask again later
5566044 24598 will i meet vin today Yes
5566043 13195 I'm not the one woman that was rinsed Without a doubt
5566042 11407 Don't look at the surface look underneath Yes
5566041 28897 will claim be a good result It is decidedly so
5566040 13195 Commuting crime using my identity My reply is no
5566039 28897 will a get a good claim Reply hazy, try again
5566037 13195 There you go My reply is no
5566036 28897 will the claim support me for life Outlook not so good
5566035 13195 Boys in blue Yes
5566034 28897 will walk away over 300 thousand Cannot predict now
5566033 13195 I found out As I see it, yes
5566032 28897 will get over 200 thousand It is certain
5566031 13195 Jailtime My reply is no
5566029 13195 Believe you me my Xmas wish is to see him getting back what he's dished out and him being Cannot predict now
5566028 28897 will i get good claim in ctp Not in a million years
5566027 13195 The temptation My sources say no
5566026 350 am I male? Better not tell you now
5566024 13195 Wish I could boot marks backside up his crack Yes - definitely
5566023 350 Will my husband be alright if I leave? Very doubtful
5566022 350 will i leave here? Better not tell you now
5566021 350 Will I divorce My husband? Cannot predict now
5566020 15864 Will he text me tonight It is certain
5566019 350 Will I leave my husband? Concentrate and ask again
5566018 13195 Now have a cupcake bye for now Yes - definitely
5566017 35165 Is it there Yes
5566016 13195 Lord may you come to those who destroy amen As I see it, yes
5566015 13195 The path of the righteous. Man woman Without a doubt
5566014 13195 Look it up My reply is no