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Soul mates?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566194 8580 Soul mates? My reply is no
5566193 8580 Twin souls? My reply is no
5566192 8580 Twin flames? Concentrate and ask again
5566191 32926 does Amber like someone else? Better not tell you now
5566190 21793 will albert sms or contact irene today? Ask again later
5566189 32926 has Amber started to fall for me? My sources say no
5566188 28697 did aubrey pee in her pad It is certain
5566187 28697 is Kameron sick Ask again later
5566186 28697 is dad mad for us skipping school It is certain
5566185 28697 is it going to rain today Without a doubt
5566184 28697 Do dogs like kennels My reply is no
5566183 28697 Does A like O Very doubtful
5566182 28697 Does Avery like Olivia Reply hazy, try again
5566181 28697 Does Avery like Olivia Concentrate and ask again
5566180 28697 Does Zach like me? Signs point to yes
5566179 3492 house sell? NO!
5566178 3492 does he care about me? Most likely
5566177 3492 culver? As I see it, yes
5566176 3492 faseb? My reply is no
5566175 3492 boards? Outlook not so good
5566174 8580 Lyme disease? My sources say no
5566173 28803 Will I go to work at Jeanette's My sources say no
5566170 14856 will matt and kathrine go out Most likely
5566169 23350 Will he txt me tonight Very doubtful
5566168 23350 Will he txt me tonight Ask again later
5566165 24794 God is not ready to release the truth NO!
5566164 18204 will i kiss anyone Cannot predict now
5566163 18204 will lindy and i go out to night Count on it
5566162 25815 will mom be sawn in half today Count on it
5566159 9797 Will m and I be together in the near future? Yes
5566155 20010 Nervt baju ? NO!
5566154 8580 Imdb this week? Outlook not so good
5566153 11001 Am I jealous As I see it, yes
5566152 11001 am I jealous Reply hazy, try again
5566151 34314 Should I retake my History AS Level? My reply is no
5566150 34314 Should I retake history? Reply hazy, try again
5566149 472 am i ross lynch's perfect girl and will he and i be married one day? It is certain
5566148 472 does cody lawyer like me? Outlook not so good
5566147 8580 Dhlm? As I see it, yes
5566146 8580 Was that him? It is certain
5566145 15468 Will Gackt remarried one day? Signs point to yes
5566144 33162 Am I smart? My reply is no
5566143 14868 will u give me a sincere answer My sources say no
5566142 33162 Will I be famous soon? Yes
5566141 11001 should dito come to propkavshirebi Count on it
5566140 11001 should dito come to propkavshirebi Concentrate and ask again
5566139 33162 Will Haney Alfilra be friends with me again? It is decidedly so
5566137 5201 will i get married Cannot predict now
5566136 11001 am i goblin? Outlook not so good
5566135 32773 Should I call out of work Signs point to yes