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Will I have someone to watch with in the theater?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566222 26203 Will I have someone to watch with in the theater? Very doubtful
5566221 26203 Will I be unlucky later? Yes - definitely
5566220 31513 will he dump her? Not in a million years
5566219 31513 will we be together for ever? My sources say no
5566218 31513 does he love me? Very doubtful
5566217 31513 he loves me? Reply hazy, try again
5566216 31513 is she just pen-friend? Outlook not so good
5566215 31513 am i too nervous? Signs point to yes
5566213 31513 am i nervous too much? Reply hazy, try again
5566212 20872 Does he like me back? It is certain
5566211 26559 jsem borec? Most likely
5566210 20872 Should I tell him I like him? Without a doubt
5566209 20728 Mame vzit papu s nama na turnaj ? My reply is no
5566208 20728 Mame vzit papu s nama na turnaj ? Cannot predict now
5566207 20728 Mame vzit papua s nama na turnaj ? Count on it
5566206 30145 tôi có học giỏi không? Signs point to yes
5566205 30145 tôi có dễ thương không? My reply is no
5566204 27100 Je marekC ve skutečnosti norion? Reply hazy, try again
5566201 30145 nhày tận thế có diễn ra không? Ask again later
5566200 8800 skurim sa vecer? Yes - definitely
5566199 8800 skurim sa vecer? Reply hazy, try again
5566198 8800 skurim sa vecer? Concentrate and ask again
5566197 8800 hej, pojdem zajtra na chatu? It is decidedly so
5566195 23522 udelam velmistrovskej dung s 2 krvakama a veterinou 50? Yes - definitely
5566194 8580 Soul mates? My reply is no
5566193 8580 Twin souls? My reply is no
5566192 8580 Twin flames? Concentrate and ask again
5566191 32926 does Amber like someone else? Better not tell you now
5566190 21793 will albert sms or contact irene today? Ask again later
5566189 32926 has Amber started to fall for me? My sources say no
5566188 28697 did aubrey pee in her pad It is certain
5566187 28697 is Kameron sick Ask again later
5566186 28697 is dad mad for us skipping school It is certain
5566185 28697 is it going to rain today Without a doubt
5566184 28697 Do dogs like kennels My reply is no
5566183 28697 Does A like O Very doubtful
5566182 28697 Does Avery like Olivia Reply hazy, try again
5566181 28697 Does Avery like Olivia Concentrate and ask again
5566180 28697 Does Zach like me? Signs point to yes
5566179 3492 house sell? NO!
5566178 3492 does he care about me? Most likely
5566177 3492 culver? As I see it, yes
5566176 3492 faseb? My reply is no
5566175 3492 boards? Outlook not so good
5566174 8580 Lyme disease? My sources say no
5566173 28803 Will I go to work at Jeanette's My sources say no
5566170 14856 will matt and kathrine go out Most likely
5566169 23350 Will he txt me tonight Very doubtful
5566168 23350 Will he txt me tonight Ask again later
5566165 24794 God is not ready to release the truth NO!