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Does michael love me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566322 31550 Does michael love me Not in a million years
5566321 21436 Will me and Terry just be FBs? Very doubtful
5566320 21436 WIll Terry be the one to ask me out when he is sober? Outlook not so good
5566318 21436 Will I be Terry's next girl freind? Most likely
5566317 31550 Will I meet someone new Yes
5566316 21436 Will Terry's girl freind be jealous of me? Very doubtful
5566315 14811 Je oliver ocas? Most likely
5566314 21436 Will Terry's girl freind be jealous of me? Ask again later
5566313 31550 But I have had enough My sources say no
5566312 21436 Will Terry new girl freind be a serious relationship? Yes
5566311 31550 Will we split up Very doubtful
5566310 14811 Smrdi samcovi koule? Concentrate and ask again
5566309 14811 Je samec idiot? My reply is no
5566308 21230 Are we moving to Illinois next year? As I see it, yes
5566307 14811 Je Samec vůl?? My reply is no
5566306 3119 8+8=10 My reply is no
5566305 14811 je samec vul? My reply is no
5566304 31550 Will we have a row tonight Yes - definitely
5566303 21436 Will Terry find a new girl freind? Count on it
5566300 31550 Will he be drinking My sources say no
5566299 26559 dela marek c pro morii vsechno? It is decidedly so
5566297 31550 Is he at work It is certain
5566296 27242 Is it a wise decision to buy 527 bourneside? My reply is no
5566295 31550 Is he going to let me know My reply is no
5566293 31550 Is michael going to his christmas dinner tonight As I see it, yes
5566291 23350 Will he be in contact tonight As I see it, yes
5566290 26559 je diwel picus? Very doubtful
5566289 26559 ozere se David Cevela jako hovado a bude mu zitra spatne? Cannot predict now
5566288 26559 ozere se David Cevela jako hovado a bude mu zitra spatne? It is certain
5566286 21633 Jsem na kluky ? My reply is no
5566283 26559 jsem michal konarik? It is decidedly so
5566281 21633 Zapicham si nekdy v zivote? Count on it
5566280 31550 Before christmas Without a doubt
5566279 31550 Will she move back in with her mum Count on it
5566278 21633 Zamrdam si nekdy ? It is decidedly so
5566277 21633 Vylizu niki picu ? My reply is no
5566276 23945 je konecna velka pica? Concentrate and ask again
5566275 31550 Will shr go to her mums for christmas Yes - definitely
5566274 21633 vykouri mi hi niki ? Better not tell you now
5566273 31550 Is amber to blame on this situation Count on it
5566272 21633 a prefiknu ji ? As I see it, yes
5566271 23945 Budu mit metrovy péro? Better not tell you now
5566270 21633 vykouri mi ho niki ? Not in a million years
5566269 31550 Did he spend last saturday in the golf club As I see it, yes
5566268 23945 budu mit velky kozy? Without a doubt
5566267 31550 With someone out of work Outlook not so good
5566266 31550 Is michael cheating on me Count on it
5566265 27242 Is buying 527 bourneside a smart decision? Cannot predict now
5566264 31550 Is michael cheating on me Reply hazy, try again
5566263 8935 Je Tomas Mer hovado nadrzene a nestydi se za to? As I see it, yes