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Am I going to get fired for mistake

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566507 17466 Am I going to get fired for mistake Yes - definitely
5566506 32575 can my dream come true ? It is decidedly so
5566505 32575 it will be soon ? Very doubtful
5566504 32575 how long to my plan ? Reply hazy, try again
5566501 31462 Should I end things with Chris? It is decidedly so
5566500 31462 Should I sent this text to Zeth? Signs point to yes
5566499 31462 Should I text Zeth? Yes - definitely
5566497 31462 Should I text? My sources say no
5566495 6896 will monmohan get pg seat this time? My reply is no
5566493 6896 will mrinali get pg seat this time? My sources say no
5566492 14795 Is my husband in love with me? Yes - definitely
5566490 11250 ds h w 2 m l 2 m Concentrate and ask again
5566489 14795 Will I divorce? Without a doubt
5566488 11250 is pm s in l w me Most likely
5566483 9797 Will they hire me next week? It is certain
5566482 14795 Is my husband a liar? Concentrate and ask again
5566480 9797 Will they hire me next week? Concentrate and ask again
5566478 9797 Will I be hired next week? Reply hazy, try again
5566477 14795 Is my husband cheating on me? As I see it, yes
5566476 14795 Is my husband cheating on me? Better not tell you now
5566475 3924 U busy My reply is no
5566473 23455 hjvjhv Not in a million years
5566472 9498 Will I win on a lottery ticket? Concentrate and ask again
5566471 3924 Don't think so Better not tell you now
5566470 9797 Does he really love me? Yes
5566468 3924 Are you lilac Signs point to yes
5566467 9797 Will he appreciate me soon? Not in a million years
5566465 9797 Is he wanting to have a committed relationship with me? It is decidedly so
5566463 8661 will jay be nice in a week Signs point to yes
5566462 8661 should i buy jay presents My reply is no
5566461 9797 Will I get the job? Yes - definitely
5566459 27874 Will I ever go on a date again? My sources say no
5566456 11250 ds pm think im a godess Cannot predict now
5566455 9797 Am I still in the running for the job? Without a doubt
5566454 27874 Do I have a chance with Kevin L? My reply is no
5566453 8661 will jay graduate in may Count on it
5566451 8661 will jay graduate Better not tell you now
5566450 11250 ds he w 2 m l 2 me b My reply is no
5566449 27874 Am I going to ever date matt? Not in a million years
5566448 8661 will jay get over girl Yes - definitely
5566447 9797 Will we have a lasting relationship? Better not tell you now
5566446 32575 i will be succeful ? Concentrate and ask again
5566445 8661 will jay be decent soon Not in a million years
5566444 27874 Does matt like me? Ask again later
5566443 8593 Who will I Marry? Yes
5566442 8661 why are you so negative Without a doubt
5566440 8661 will jay be nice at christmas Very doubtful
5566439 27494 what will happen at the west herts christmas party? Count on it
5566438 8593 Will I get married? My sources say no
5566437 27874 Is anything going to happen with matt w & melanie d? Yes - definitely