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What am I?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566661 25012 What am I? Yes
5566660 25012 Am I a luiseach? NO!
5566659 35255 Will I married Paris Hilton? Ask again later
5566658 33876 will R get promoted Without a doubt
5566657 33876 will R get promoted Ask again later
5566656 33876 will things get better for R Without a doubt
5566655 33876 will things get better for R Concentrate and ask again
5566654 33876 will I lose Not in a million years
5566652 6385 Is it gonn be in bk tofday Yes - definitely
5566647 31866 will bcbs buy Better not tell you now
5566646 31866 will amex buy My reply is no
5566645 22557 Did James cheat on me? NO!
5566644 31550 Is michael still in work As I see it, yes
5566643 34966 for the rest of his life will he regret losing me? Very doubtful
5566642 31701 Is it because Linda wants to sleep with me? My reply is no
5566641 31550 But he treats me so badly Not in a million years
5566640 34966 will the end things in jan. of 2013? Most likely
5566639 34966 will they break up in 2012? Outlook not so good
5566638 34966 after I reply to him, will that be the last time we talk to each other? It is decidedly so
5566637 31550 Is he just using me My reply is no
5566636 34816 is our relationship over Count on it
5566635 31550 As you said earlier he dosnt love me Without a doubt
5566634 31701 Should I visit Linda today? Not in a million years
5566633 34816 does Jon still like me Outlook not so good
5566632 31550 Its over for me Outlook not so good
5566631 31701 Should I visit Linda today? Cannot predict now
5566630 34816 does he like me Concentrate and ask again
5566629 10338 Am i still in with a chance? Without a doubt
5566628 34816 Does he like me anymore Better not tell you now
5566627 31550 Will he can stay at his mums Without a doubt
5566626 31701 Should I visit Linda today? Reply hazy, try again
5566625 31550 Will he come home drunk As I see it, yes
5566624 31550 Is michael in the bar in belfast Most likely
5566623 2800 will i get a good christmas bonus from work Ask again later
5566622 863 Is he going to say something nice to me? Yes - definitely
5566621 31550 Is michael in t cloth ear Ask again later
5566619 863 Is he going to ignore me? My sources say no
5566618 863 Is he angry with me? It is decidedly so
5566617 2800 will we receive a payment for amanda from social security Yes
5566616 23313 Was she watching me? Reply hazy, try again
5566615 13051 FFFtfff Yes - definitely
5566614 2800 will amandas ssi be approved Yes
5566613 16981 Keep Lumia 920? Reply hazy, try again
5566612 16981 Keep Lumia? Concentrate and ask again
5566611 16981 IPhone or Lumia 920? Not in a million years
5566610 31550 Cloth ear Yes - definitely
5566609 31550 Is he in t beer garden Very doubtful
5566608 31550 Is he really away to his christmas dinner As I see it, yes
5566607 34816 is it time to let go Without a doubt
5566606 26793 Who am i destined to be with Yes