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will jay come here before christmas

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566703 8661 will jay come here before christmas Yes
5566702 8661 will you answer any questions positively It is certain
5566701 25630 is the guy in sc the one? Ask again later
5566700 22290 will I walk out a head? Reply hazy, try again
5566699 8661 do you answer no to everything NO!
5566698 22290 Will I walk out ahead? Ask again later
5566697 8661 is jay ok My reply is no
5566696 8661 will jay call this weekend Reply hazy, try again
5566695 7780 Will me and ross lynch ever go on a date Signs point to yes
5566694 8661 will jay be nice to me this weekend My reply is no
5566693 22290 Will it be worth my time? It is decidedly so
5566692 7780 Will I get to go to a ross lynch concert in Portland Ask again later
5566691 22290 So I'll lose? Very doubtful
5566690 22290 So I will win? Outlook not so good
5566685 8628 should i contact emma when i go back to dublin this xmas? Yes - definitely
5566684 12374 Am I a musician? Not in a million years
5566683 12374 Will I become foreman? My reply is no
5566682 25239 is mom in hslf Better not tell you now
5566681 12374 Does laura like me? Outlook not so good
5566680 24198 Will c come back soon Without a doubt
5566679 12374 Does laura like me ? Better not tell you now
5566678 12374 Does laura a. Like me? Ask again later
5566677 12374 Does karla j like me? Reply hazy, try again
5566676 12374 Does karla like me? Yes - definitely
5566675 25287 doea he love me NO!
5566674 12374 Does karla like me? Ask again later
5566673 25287 does ritesh love me> Not in a million years
5566672 3739 Does jarrod want a relationship with me It is decidedly so
5566671 27737 Does Jim like Sarah but doesnt want anyond to know My sources say no
5566670 12374 Does laura avila like me? Not in a million years
5566669 11459 jsem v pici? Yes - definitely
5566668 13230 Will I ever kiss K? As I see it, yes
5566667 27737 Is Tiffany headed back to Nevada It is certain
5566664 28340 Will there be the end of the world in december 2012? Better not tell you now
5566663 25012 Can I see spirits? Count on it
5566662 25012 Do I have the Sixth Sense? Better not tell you now
5566661 25012 What am I? Yes
5566660 25012 Am I a luiseach? NO!
5566659 35255 Will I married Paris Hilton? Ask again later
5566658 33876 will R get promoted Without a doubt
5566657 33876 will R get promoted Ask again later
5566656 33876 will things get better for R Without a doubt
5566655 33876 will things get better for R Concentrate and ask again
5566654 33876 will I lose Not in a million years
5566652 6385 Is it gonn be in bk tofday Yes - definitely
5566647 31866 will bcbs buy Better not tell you now
5566646 31866 will amex buy My reply is no
5566645 22557 Did James cheat on me? NO!
5566644 31550 Is michael still in work As I see it, yes
5566643 34966 for the rest of his life will he regret losing me? Very doubtful