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Are we soulmates

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5566925 3884 Are we soulmates Cannot predict now
5566924 26206 Should I not go to Hammond's party tonight? Yes - definitely
5566923 32397 Is Joe confused about his feelings for me Better not tell you now
5566922 26206 is it a good thing to go to the party tonight? My reply is no
5566921 3884 Will it drive him crazy if I ignor him Very doubtful
5566920 32397 Did Joe came back to work because he wanted to see me again It is decidedly so
5566919 3884 Does he love hearing from me Signs point to yes
5566918 32397 Was Joe happy to see me again It is certain
5566917 29457 is stevens romero is upset It is certain
5566916 29457 do stevens romero love aaron west being boyfriend ? My sources say no
5566915 29457 do stevens romero in love with aaron west? My reply is no
5566914 12870 Will I find a good job in January? Most likely
5566913 3884 Should I ignor daniel Very doubtful
5566912 115 is oscar thinking about me sometimes? Most likely
5566911 3884 Should I ignor daniel Ask again later
5566910 3884 Should I call daniel Outlook not so good
5566909 34478 Will I carry this baby to term? Not in a million years
5566908 3884 And I in love with daniel Count on it
5566907 1420 Did she see the Dr Phil show too? Very doubtful
5566906 1420 Does she hate me? Reply hazy, try again
5566905 3884 Do I love daniel Reply hazy, try again
5566904 1420 Was that the last text I will ever get from her? It is decidedly so
5566903 1420 Have I heard the last from her when she said you got this? Better not tell you now
5566902 1420 Will Traci talk to me again at some point? NO!
5566901 1420 At some point will Traci talk to me (D) again? Better not tell you now
5566900 1420 When they do break up will Traci then talk to me? NO!
5566899 1420 Will they break up sometime between now and my birthday? My reply is no
5566898 1420 Will Traci and Sam end up getting married? NO!
5566897 1420 Was nTraci in love with D? NO!
5566896 1420 Will Traci and Sam end up getting married? Cannot predict now
5566895 23184 yes or no Count on it
5566894 1420 Will they end up getting married? Cannot predict now
5566893 1420 Are Traci adn Sam in love with each other? Count on it
5566892 1420 Are they in love with each other? Reply hazy, try again
5566891 1420 Are they back together now? It is certain
5566890 1420 Did Traci and Sam break up for awhile? Count on it
5566889 1420 Is Sam the guy in those pics with Jessie Nicole on facebook? Not in a million years
5566888 1420 Will Sam get back with Jessie? My sources say no
5566887 1420 Did he think he was? My sources say no
5566886 1420 Is Logan Pinner Sam's child? My reply is no
5566885 1420 So Logan Pinner is not Sam's? It is certain
5566884 1420 Does Sam have a child with his ex girlfriend? My reply is no
5566883 1420 Is she the mother of Logan and is he the father? My reply is no
5566882 1420 Was Sam ever with Kessie Nicole? As I see it, yes
5566881 1420 Did they break up or stop seeing each other for awhile so he could be with Jessie? NO!
5566880 1420 Are Traci and Sam in a serious relationship? My reply is no
5566879 1420 WIll she acknowledge the ebay stuff in a positive way? NO!
5566878 1420 WIll she even thank me for the Christmas presents? Signs point to yes
5566877 1420 Is she going to end up cussing me out over these texts and emails? Very doubtful
5566876 1420 WIll Traci ever acknowledge me again, in a positive friendly way? Not in a million years