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did phillip jack brooks have bad kness when he was fourteen

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567026 33261 did phillip jack brooks have bad kness when he was fourteen Very doubtful
5567025 13997 Is my name Jessica? Most likely
5567024 31695 Does Mimi want to talk to me? Count on it
5567023 23299 Will I game with Josh again? It is decidedly so
5567021 11250 im his fan s hs mine :) Yes
5567020 13997 Will Josh and I find happiness with others and remain close friends? Outlook not so good
5567019 1428 Should I ad Katherine Robledo as a friend on facebook? My reply is no
5567018 23299 Will Michelle ever come back into my life? NO!
5567017 13997 Can Josh and I have it all? Everything we have discussed wanting for our future? Concentrate and ask again
5567016 23299 Will I find love in this lifetime? Signs point to yes
5567015 23299 Should I send my goodbye message to felicity? Signs point to yes
5567012 7068 Does he think of me MORE than I think of him? It is certain
5567010 7068 Does he think of me as much as I think of him? My reply is no
5567009 11250 hs l your b baby Signs point to yes
5567008 16449 Should I just give up on him? Not in a million years
5567005 11250 he t im amazing inside and out Concentrate and ask again
5566999 11250 even t t p hs b away Not in a million years
5566998 11250 h t im p h w s b Better not tell you now
5566997 11250 hs s at h t i am It is certain
5566996 11250 h l m bc w h s m in c i w h b the 1 in his t As I see it, yes
5566995 19471 will i win the lotto? My sources say no
5566994 19471 will we keep jacob? NO!
5566993 19471 Will she show up on saturday? Most likely
5566991 11250 h l m c w so m in c NO!
5566989 33704 W i s x o s? Yes - definitely
5566987 33704 W X T M T? Very doubtful
5566986 27555 Will I get revenge on Daniel? Signs point to yes
5566985 27555 Did Daniel like me? It is decidedly so
5566984 33704 D X L M? Most likely
5566983 27555 Did Daniel love Michelle when he was with me? NO!
5566982 27555 Will I ever be with Daniel? My sources say no
5566981 11250 hs t i l w m Most likely
5566980 11250 h t im a brat Reply hazy, try again
5566976 11250 h t im b Without a doubt
5566975 11250 w h a s c b h w t a Ask again later
5566970 14976 makakabawi pa ba? Very doubtful
5566968 16698 SHould I switch back to the PDR? My sources say no
5566967 11250 is h l 2 this s It is decidedly so
5566963 11250 h t im g and i m h f y again n thats special Outlook not so good
5566961 13686 Will Steve be mad? My reply is no
5566960 13997 Will Josh and I remain friends throughout our lives? It is certain
5566959 13686 Will Steve be mad? Reply hazy, try again
5566958 11250 h r all my liikes Yes - definitely
5566957 11250 h l me It is decidedly so
5566956 11250 he t has a image of me as w i see Count on it
5566955 24995 Is kayla having twins? Signs point to yes
5566954 24995 Is kayla having twins Cannot predict now
5566953 30991 Will mike be there tomorrow Concentrate and ask again
5566952 30991 Is mike going to l today Cannot predict now
5566951 11521 will we sell the house on dartmouth at a profit? It is certain