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Am I pregnant

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567135 3234 Am I pregnant Outlook not so good
5567134 29005 does he like me NO!
5567133 26732 does he want to get me a ring for my bday2013 Yes - definitely
5567132 11250 h l m d b h k we c n b Most likely
5567131 13343 Does Melanie love me? As I see it, yes
5567130 11250 h s my t n b Count on it
5567129 11250 hs in l w m Very doubtful
5567128 18947 like today? It is decidedly so
5567127 18947 does he randomly want me? Without a doubt
5567126 33453 Does NK want my cock in her ass Outlook not so good
5567125 18947 did he feel the same way that i felt? Not in a million years
5567124 17354 Will I see Seth before the end of this year? Outlook not so good
5567123 17354 Will I see Seth before the end of this year? Concentrate and ask again
5567122 33261 do knocalon danuwa graham have a special talent in professional wrestling It is certain
5567121 33261 do knocalon danuwa graham have a special talent Better not tell you now
5567120 11250 hs wife is choked Cannot predict now
5567119 30952 is there any way to stop it? As I see it, yes
5567118 30952 will he build a nasty monstrosity there? Yes
5567117 11250 hes s s r s in me Better not tell you now
5567116 30952 is the developer going to get the house next door? Signs point to yes
5567115 32246 will pete marry me? Better not tell you now
5567114 32246 are they going to break up? NO!
5567113 13105 Da li se svidjam Marku bar malo? Yes - definitely
5567111 25068 home loss It is decidedly so
5567110 11250 he sees m o It is certain
5567109 16810 will i get my friends back Very doubtful
5567108 16810 will i get aaliyah,nadia and rukhsana back Count on it
5567107 11250 he s my talent and beauty It is certain
5567106 11250 hs s we c b l at t n b s Reply hazy, try again
5567105 11250 yes t w hs s Yes
5567104 11250 h s w c b l at t n b s My reply is no
5567103 17088 Is daryl getting lAid tomorrow Most likely
5567102 11250 h c b m agent Yes
5567101 19903 Is Adam getting laid tomorrow It is decidedly so
5567100 11250 H C B M M Better not tell you now
5567099 19903 Is Adam getting laid tomorrow Reply hazy, try again
5567098 11250 y and e h 4 A R Cannot predict now
5567097 11250 h t m d d g and super t Concentrate and ask again
5567096 11250 hs l c in in m It is certain
5567095 26206 Will Will email me tonight? Yes
5567094 11250 ds h w 2 be my friend Most likely
5567092 482 just answer my question will minerva threasa gatling will start flicking her tongue at Paul deniro jackson Yes - definitely
5567091 2449 Am I pregnant with Alex's baby Count on it
5567090 7898 Is Misty avoiding me? Most likely
5567089 7898 Should I move in with Misty and Andrew? It is certain
5567088 31866 will bcbs buy It is decidedly so
5567087 482 will minerva threasa gatling start tongue flicking at Paul deniro jackson Concentrate and ask again
5567086 11250 ds h t t my b Better not tell you now
5567085 33261 will knocalon danuwa graham ever be atheltic as shawn michaels My reply is no
5567083 11250 h t i d 2 Signs point to yes