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should i go out with her tonigh

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567179 25499 should i go out with her tonigh Better not tell you now
5567178 25499 should i go out with her tonight Very doubtful
5567177 113 now u will answer most likely or no, or outlook not so good or not in million years or count on it Reply hazy, try again
5567176 113 bloody mother f***ing jerk.. fooling people Signs point to yes
5567175 14976 makakabawi pa ba? Outlook not so good
5567174 113 what software do you initially use to fool people ? Signs point to yes
5567173 113 Who is the owner of this site ? Not in a million years
5567172 11521 will i get a great job soon As I see it, yes
5567170 30945 financial winfall this month Yes - definitely
5567169 11250 will i b discovered by pm Count on it
5567168 11250 will i b noticed by pm Cannot predict now
5567167 30945 this month the lord is giving me the lotto like he promised Outlook not so good
5567165 11250 ds h w 2 invest in me Better not tell you now
5567164 18947 are we eventually gonna go to second/third Cannot predict now
5567162 11250 is h truly in l w me and w 2 invest Not in a million years
5567161 113 how many fingers do i have ? Not in a million years
5567160 33261 will knocalon danuwa graham get signed to a wwe contract after two years at the wrestling school wwa4 Yes
5567159 113 Are you a jackass ball ? My sources say no
5567158 12472 Will Sandi answer my phone call now? Without a doubt
5567157 12472 Would Sandi answer the phone if I call her now? Ask again later
5567156 25720 will we win to night Signs point to yes
5567155 32755 Am I pregnant? Very doubtful
5567154 113 Is my name amit ? Better not tell you now
5567153 18947 like within 2 weeks?! Yes - definitely
5567152 25720 will we win as a team tonight Ask again later
5567151 6961 Will peter and I have a baby? Most likely
5567150 25720 will I win tonight NO!
5567149 12472 Is Sandi ignoring me just because she is emotionally upset? Not in a million years
5567148 18947 will we hook up soon? Signs point to yes
5567147 33261 when knocalon danuwa graham become a professional wrestler will he be in very good shape Yes - definitely
5567146 25720 will we be a winner tonight Concentrate and ask again
5567145 12472 Is Sandi ignoring me on purpose? My reply is no
5567144 18908 Will me and peter get married Signs point to yes
5567143 25720 overall will we win tonight Concentrate and ask again
5567142 35308 will i win reserve this weekend Signs point to yes
5567141 35308 Will I win a buckle this weekend Cannot predict now
5567140 3130 Will me and peter have a baby? My reply is no
5567139 35308 Should i ride lady this weekend My reply is no
5567138 25720 Will Elise win a jackpot tonight Yes - definitely
5567137 18947 is the next time we hook up gonna be when theres alc Very doubtful
5567136 19911 Am I pretty NO!
5567135 3234 Am I pregnant Outlook not so good
5567134 29005 does he like me NO!
5567133 26732 does he want to get me a ring for my bday2013 Yes - definitely
5567132 11250 h l m d b h k we c n b Most likely
5567131 13343 Does Melanie love me? As I see it, yes
5567130 11250 h s my t n b Count on it
5567129 11250 hs in l w m Very doubtful
5567128 18947 like today? It is decidedly so
5567127 18947 does he randomly want me? Without a doubt