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Does Melanie love me?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567277 13343 Does Melanie love me? Count on it
5567276 31701 Should I persue Linda? Very doubtful
5567274 27013 do i like grapes Count on it
5567272 27013 is my sister ugly Very doubtful
5567271 13343 Do I have a daughter? Outlook not so good
5567270 27013 am i ugly NO!
5567269 13343 Do I have a daughter? Reply hazy, try again
5567268 13343 Does she want to be with me? My sources say no
5567267 13343 Does she want to stay with him? NO!
5567266 5137 Should I take Spanish? My reply is no
5567265 5137 Will it snow this year? My reply is no
5567264 13343 Does M love me more then C? My reply is no
5567262 28785 am i pregnant with twins? Cannot predict now
5567261 11250 d h l 2 it Yes - definitely
5567260 11250 d h l 2 it n d NO!
5567259 11250 d h l 2 t s n d by h Very doubtful
5567258 11250 d h p t s n d Ask again later
5567257 16806 Mother of my child? It is certain
5567256 16806 Will she contact me? It is certain
5567255 11250 ds h l m d Yes - definitely
5567254 16806 Should I call her? It is decidedly so
5567253 16806 Does she miss me? As I see it, yes
5567252 11250 is h d m Yes - definitely
5567251 4217 What does mike want for Christmas Better not tell you now
5567250 25865 Fthugftxdr Very doubtful
5567249 7792 Will there be beer at the Reindeer Shuffle? It is certain
5567247 8580 fresh roasted? as in frpp? It is decidedly so
5567246 7792 Wiil there be beer at the Reindeer Shuffle? Concentrate and ask again
5567245 25865 Sunny Cannot predict now
5567244 18947 really im going to go out? It is decidedly so
5567243 2422 Will it happen tonight? As I see it, yes
5567242 18947 am i going to stay home tonight? Outlook not so good
5567241 8580 fresh roasted as in frpp? Cannot predict now
5567239 17530 will araujo have ppd NO!
5567238 7634 Today weren't bad Concentrate and ask again
5567237 8580 fresh as in fpp Yes - definitely
5567236 7634 Sure you are It is certain
5567235 7634 U on dirty again My reply is no
5567234 7634 Man city are the best team in this country Most likely
5567232 2422 Will me and Liz ever sleep with each other? Signs point to yes
5567231 14080 Will dan be willing to see me this weekend? Ask again later
5567229 14080 Will dan be willing to see me this weekend? Reply hazy, try again
5567225 18865 Raima šalava? As I see it, yes
5567224 12472 Will Sandi contact me in the next 4 days? Yes
5567223 20727 Will we get married It is certain
5567221 14080 Should I contact Dan first? Very doubtful
5567220 12472 Is Sandi still my friend? Signs point to yes
5567219 21707 Will we work Yes - definitely
5567216 14080 Should I contact him first? Reply hazy, try again
5567215 22876 Will he marry me My reply is no