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is h f 4 m

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567313 11250 is h f 4 m Count on it
5567312 11250 h t im p hs r f in l w m Outlook not so good
5567311 22523 should I ask L what the T situation is? Not in a million years
5567310 11250 it s is bc of w i sd It is decidedly so
5567309 22523 should I ask her if they are prior to the party? Reply hazy, try again
5567308 11250 this is our s My sources say no
5567307 27013 is cooties real It is certain
5567306 22523 are they dating? Very doubtful
5567305 22523 will lindsay be po'd Without a doubt
5567304 27013 has fadiha got cooties Better not tell you now
5567303 22523 will things heat up between me and It is certain
5567302 33704 I x w t b w m? It is decidedly so
5567301 22523 Will I have fun on the 22nd ? Most likely
5567300 11250 is h r f 4 m 4 real It is certain
5567299 22523 am I female? Yes
5567298 33704 I x e t a m? My sources say no
5567297 11250 is this our song :) Outlook not so good
5567296 33704 D x w m t t h t? Yes
5567295 14553 should i curl my hair? As I see it, yes
5567294 14553 should i straighten my hair? Better not tell you now
5567293 27013 am i a boy Yes
5567292 22523 will I even need to worry about Lindsay's party? Yes
5567291 11250 is pm in l w m n w 2 b m manager Yes
5567290 22523 will the world end December 21, 2012 As I see it, yes
5567289 27013 am i ugly Yes
5567288 27013 am i ugly Concentrate and ask again
5567287 18613 Am I horny Better not tell you now
5567286 23498 Am i a man? NO!
5567285 27013 do i like oranges Without a doubt
5567284 18613 Am I laying down. As I see it, yes
5567283 31701 Does Linda think about sleeping with me? As I see it, yes
5567282 27013 do i have a blackberry Without a doubt
5567280 27013 is my room pink My reply is no
5567278 27013 is this room white It is decidedly so
5567277 13343 Does Melanie love me? Count on it
5567276 31701 Should I persue Linda? Very doubtful
5567274 27013 do i like grapes Count on it
5567272 27013 is my sister ugly Very doubtful
5567271 13343 Do I have a daughter? Outlook not so good
5567270 27013 am i ugly NO!
5567269 13343 Do I have a daughter? Reply hazy, try again
5567268 13343 Does she want to be with me? My sources say no
5567267 13343 Does she want to stay with him? NO!
5567266 5137 Should I take Spanish? My reply is no
5567265 5137 Will it snow this year? My reply is no
5567264 13343 Does M love me more then C? My reply is no
5567262 28785 am i pregnant with twins? Cannot predict now
5567261 11250 d h l 2 it Yes - definitely
5567260 11250 d h l 2 it n d NO!
5567259 11250 d h l 2 t s n d by h Very doubtful