the Magic

Will milton ask me over tonight?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
5567354 21591 Will milton ask me over tonight? Outlook not so good
5567353 21591 Does Milton want to see me tonight? Concentrate and ask again
5567352 6781 How much later Concentrate and ask again
5567351 21591 Does my boyfriend love me? Not in a million years
5567350 21591 Is milton thinking about me? Not in a million years
5567349 30694 Is she afraid to make love to me Ask again later
5567348 13343 Is my name Jared? Cannot predict now
5567347 13343 Is she going to stay with C? Count on it
5567346 16806 Maybe on Sunday? As I see it, yes
5567345 13343 Will she? NO!
5567344 16806 Should I make contact? NO!
5567343 13343 Is M just afraid to commit to me? Count on it
5567342 16806 Should I initiate contact first? Concentrate and ask again
5567341 22494 When can you predict Most likely
5567340 15654 Will I become a CPA? Yes
5567339 5819 Have i won Cassandra jl heart Cannot predict now
5567338 35507 do i like dmt As I see it, yes
5567337 35507 am i pretty As I see it, yes
5567336 35507 am i cute It is decidedly so
5567335 35507 am i hot My reply is no
5567334 35507 am i pretty Ask again later
5567333 35507 does jonathen love me Signs point to yes
5567331 35507 dose dominic love me My reply is no
5567330 11250 ds h w 2 b m m Without a doubt
5567329 11250 hs l gdit your b Better not tell you now
5567327 21533 will i have a girlfriend It is decidedly so
5567326 11250 cz im h sm in a d era Without a doubt
5567325 11250 hs in l w m n w 2 b m m It is certain
5567323 32251 Will those people will try to find us? Ask again later
5567322 1750 does ian pittenger love me? Yes - definitely
5567321 1750 do you ever say no to a question? Not in a million years
5567320 1750 am i going to get an ipod touch from my grandmom? It is decidedly so
5567319 1750 is my name maria Most likely
5567318 1750 is my name Alyssa Lyn Medin? As I see it, yes
5567315 11250 hs like im in l Better not tell you now
5567314 1750 what am i getting for christmas 2012? Ask again later
5567313 11250 is h f 4 m Count on it
5567312 11250 h t im p hs r f in l w m Outlook not so good
5567311 22523 should I ask L what the T situation is? Not in a million years
5567310 11250 it s is bc of w i sd It is decidedly so
5567309 22523 should I ask her if they are prior to the party? Reply hazy, try again
5567308 11250 this is our s My sources say no
5567307 27013 is cooties real It is certain
5567306 22523 are they dating? Very doubtful
5567305 22523 will lindsay be po'd Without a doubt
5567304 27013 has fadiha got cooties Better not tell you now
5567303 22523 will things heat up between me and It is certain
5567302 33704 I x w t b w m? It is decidedly so
5567301 22523 Will I have fun on the 22nd ? Most likely
5567300 11250 is h r f 4 m 4 real It is certain